Everyone loves summer. Sun, holidays, free time. But what should you do with all this new found freedom?!!

The Olympics

From its humble roots in ancient Greece, the Summer Olympics have now become the world’s premier sporting event. Proving to the rest of us just how little we’ve achieved, people several years younger than us set world records in their hundreds whilst we sit at home drinking and trying not to break into a sweat whilst eating a hotdog.

This year the party moves to Rio, festival capital of the world and noted cartoon bird, and promises to be more of the same as last time but hotter and with some different people. I doubt they’ll have the Queen parachuting into the stadium but it should be good if they can get ready in time.

Be sure to cheer on Team GB as they attempt to jump futher, run faster and just be better than everyone else in the world.

This year the party moves to Rio, festival capital of the world and noted cartoon bird, and promises to be more of the same as last time hotter and with some different people…

Other Sport

As if the Olympics weren’t enough, there’s also other sport happening. Euro 2016 is a football tournament which is like a smaller, worse, World Cup, and then there’s the best thing to happen on grass since last Wimbledon, Wimbledon!

Will Novak and Serena retain their titles from last year, or will someone upset the tennis royalty? We’re all supporting Murray of course, but maybe secretly hoping that Roger Federer pulls off some miracle and wins an 8th! title…

If you’re interested in football (not many people I’m sure) then the favourites to win the Euros are France, with England having to face Wales, Russia and Slovakia in their group stage and if they win they move onto the next stage which is the live performances in front of the judges.

There’s also the British Grand Prix at Silverstone from the 8th July, which promises to be three days of cars driving at high speeds around a track… (I’m not a sporty type if you couldn’t tell)

TV and Film

Much more up my alley, there’s loads of exciting TV and film coming out over the summer. We’ve got the sequel to one of the most beloved animated adventures of the “noughties” (urgh) in Finding Dory, new Star Trek, The Purge, Bad Neighbors and loads more.

On the TV side of things there’s a new series of Orange in the New Black coming in June, as well as loads of other stuff on both regular TV and On Demand. It’s a good summer to be a TV lover it seems, though tragically the current series of Game of Thrones is coming to an end.


Unfortunately on at the same time as the referendum (conspiracy?) Glastonbury was THE place to see such acts as Muse, ZZ Top, Two Door Cinema Club, Adele, Coldplay, Frightened Rabbit, The Dingalings, Bear’s Den, The Flying Goslings, The Superdooper Friends and many more! (Fun game, which of that list were fake?)

The perfect place for a bit of camping or glamping, drinking, music and festival shenanigans. Did you go? What did you think?

And that’s it! Nothing else interesting is happening this summer according to the first page of google results… if you can think of anything please let us know, otherwise enjoy, relax and we’ll see you in September for a new year, or if you’re graduating and panicking about what to do next, don’t worry we’ve got that covered too.

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