The Top things to Do when you Go Home | International Student Blog

Our MBA student Dhriti Malhotra has written a blog on her favourite things to do when she returns home to India over the holidays.

Any student from anywhere in the world can imagine my level of excitement when I had the chance to go back home after a full six months away. Although, I was completely panicking when there was just a week left until my departure. (That week I had only slept for about 4 hours a night, as there were some submissions due just a day before I had to board the plane home!)

When the day of departure finally came, I took the train to Birmingham Airport and had a comfortable flight until finally arriving in Delhi at 2:00 am. I will be honest with you I would have danced with delight had there been less people at the airport. (I didn’t do it in fear of getting all sorts of weird looks from people assuming that a crazy person had just got off the flight.)

My mother and father came to pick me up at the airport and it felt like I was running to them in slow-mo, like in the movies. Do you find that you sleep better at home or at the University? I ask because I think I slept like a baby at home; without a care in the world.

“India is like an assault on the senses”

The first day I stepped out of my house I was instantly reminded of what Judi Dench said in one of her movies; “India is like an assault on the senses” — something you will agree with if you ever visit India. There is literally so much to do, so I applied some of my knowledge from my Master’s of Business Administration study and decided to make a list of all the things I wanted to do in India before coming back to the University.

Eat Street Food
The first thing on my list couldn’t have been anything else. Delhi is famous for numerous things, and one of them is the variety of street food. There is so much choice that it caters to various tastes!

Shop! Shop! Shop!
The markets are so bright and vibrant with all the colours, it feels like they are literally speaking to you. Even at 11pm at night you can’t really resist the urge to go and shop.

Take a spiritual healing trip
A trip to a holy place for the soul; this was definitely much needed for me.

Go on a Road trip
Well, you can’t say no to that.

Spend time with family
It was just like old times. I spent hours listening to my grandparents’ life experiences, and it reminded me of how cool they are. I even tried to beat my brother at FIFA. (In my defense I hadn’t played in ages, while he got to practice when I wasn’t home.) I also met up with my extended family, and chatting with my cousins just made me realise how quick time passes by.

Meet up with friends
The thing with best friends is that the equation never changes — even if you used to see them every day and now you only see them after a long period of 6 months.

However, not being at the University the week before the Easter break meant I missed the biggest sporting event –VARSITY — where UniNorthants won AGAIN against the University of Derby. I regret not being there to witness the big event, but thanks to technology (and more importantly the University’s Student’s Union who posted updates throughout the day) I could still celebrate being a part of the winning team.

“by the end of my trip I was actually looking forward to coming back to university.”

Honestly, I had assumed it would be difficult to come back to the UK but by the end of my trip I was actually looking forward to coming back to university. I even got the perfect end to a perfect trip by getting an upgrade to business class at the boarding gate!”

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