How To Have Your Own Payment Gateway

There are different reasons why businesses want to have their own payment gateways. For instance, some merchants want to save on processing costs; some cannot find a gateway which supports the required locations, etc. The simplest way to have your own payment gateway is to license a white label open source solution. So why should you choose a white label payment gateway?

With a white label payment gateway you will be able to start using your payment gateway in several weeks after buying a license. Also, it is much cheaper to buy a license than to develop a payment gateway from scratch. What’s more, you will not have to establish relationships with different financial institutions (banks, processors, payment gateways) on your own. You will obtain all necessary integrations automatically. A while label solution will provide you with high quality support, so you can be sure that the system functions properly and in case of any problems you have a team of professionals to rely on.

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