Meyrowitz introduces glocality as the notion of local and global, explaining that they co-exist and have interconnectivity (2004, p. 25). This explanation reveals how individuals apply what they know from a global perspective onto a local situation in the formation of their understanding of the world.

I believe that glocality is unique in many ways but only a small percentage of similarity is needed to begin to group individuals by their personalized glocal views. Since where we live no longer determines all that we know about ourselves and our interactions (Vimeo. 2015) Glocality in our lives helps us to see these things about ourselves on a stage that is larger than that of our previous local views. We can see and identify ourselves on a global stage and a local stage simultaneously.

Before my understanding of western cultures growing up, I was surprised to discover such similarities between where I lived in Australia and what I saw of America through media. I believed them to be the same and did not understand why they were separate places. This view I had as a child has obviously changed as I’ve aged, however in its naivety, you can see early examples of glocalisation. I had begun forming my identity, drawing similarity and comparison to my life and the lives of others and other cultures from a global and local set of influences.

To that end, society still draws lines in the sand and creates borders to separate and individually organise us into groups and nations and peoples yet, through modern media and technologies closing the gaps of global communication, these lines in the sand are becoming fainter and the borders get smaller. I want to know where I ‘fit into’ the global scene, what group I am a part of. I can now search this out online, find those with whom my glocal view is similar and those with whom it is strikingly different. I can see how my representation of myself fits with yours, here or abroad.


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