Based on a poem by Frank Báez

I used my stroller to run along and felt from a door to the street.

The street was two steps and a sidewalk away from the door,

but I was three years old, so I guess it didn’t hurt much.

I broke my left-hand wrist,

my right arm and my left foot thumb

was almost cut entirely by a fire extinguisher.

Dismissed from my school in the last year of high school.

First time trying weed I threw up

for a full half hour.

One time I got robbed but managed to escape breaking my backpack,

one block ahead a taxi driver came at me screaming “What have you robbed you bastard?!?

I had some sort of intermittent relationship,

and others in the middle.

I lost my virginity in a threesome,


with a friend’s girlfriend

and also, my friend.

Slept three nights in a row in a bus terminal at Mendoza,

then traveled for 20 hours in a bus.

Slept half day in the Buenos Aires Airport,

then I realize I had to improve my planning.

Somebody’s boyfriend threatened to punch me in the University,

now he works at an ad agency in the city I live.

Most of the things in life are not going as well

as they used to.

But people say I’m doing fine

And I believe them.