Current state of development

As we are getting closer to the Token Launch date, we want to give you an update on our current state of development, according to our roadmap.

Our framework consists of 4 tools:
1) The UB Workflow Designer (visually define integration workflows, independent from a specific blockchain)
2) The UB Contract Lifecycle Manager (transform a previously defined workflow into blockchain specific smart contract code, publish the contracts, maintain existing contracts and generate automatic connection adapters to existing systems)
3) The UB Explorer (monitor ongoing processes at one place, gathering data from participating smart contracts and connected systems)
4) The UB Connector (connect smart contracts to existing IT systems or other smart contracts, even cross-blockchain)

According to our roadmap, our main focus until the end of Q1 2018 lies on the UB Connector. It is based on our existing integration platform (which is already up and running on MS Azure since 2015), extended by adapters to specific blockchains. Our current prototype for example connects our own SAP system to Ethereum smart contracts.

Q2 2018 will focus on the tools 1)-3) to have them ready as beta versions by the end of June. The main part is frontend here, especially when it comes to the Workflow Designer. All “backend” parts (like the code generation, the mapping engine, the query language for the explorer) are already developed to prototype status but are not completely integrated into our frontend tools.

Sometimes you still have to do some actions manually, some parts are still hard coded and of course everything needs to be tested (and yes, sometimes even reengineered ;-))

To make it easier to understand how the tools will work, we present you a short walkthrough of the frontend tools already in Q1 2018, so you get a better picture of how the user will be able to work with our framework.

Please also check our website, our whitepaper shows the idea of the overall concept, the technical paper gives some insights on our techstack and coding strategy.

We will provide new walkthroughs within the next weeks.