10 ways to become an innovative sustainable business

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Sustainability is founded on a common principle: all we need for our lives and well-being is contingent on a balance of our natural world and its resources, either directly or indirectly. To seek a more sustainable business in 2020 and beyond, is to build and preserve the environmental conditions under which nature will live in productive harmony with people of current and future generations.

With planetary environmental concerns and global warming at top of mind, businesses across the map have now shifted focus on becoming more sustainable — some companies still continue to ask — “but how do I drive our sustainability?” …

The key values of Portugal’s startup ecosystem

Portugal has become a breeding ground for startups and new ideas, and nothing sounds more enticing than to be part of the phenomenon of a launching a business that one day might reach a valuation of $1,000,000,000 — or in other words — grow from initial seed investment, funding rounds, to eventual Unicorn status. Portugal is one of the hotspots in Europe to invest or start up something new and innovative in the global market. A bold statement? No, a fact! …

The great minds of our past: like the “Philosopher Kings” Plato and Socrates, Epictetus and Seneca, or the Stoic Emperor himself Marcus Aurelius, all have one theme in common — Be A Master of the Mind. Over two millennia later, the stoic philosophy has become extremely pertinent in today’s world. Why? Because with so much innovation, advancing technology, steady change, and impactful events that create levels of adversity — the stoic way of looking at things allows you to control your own destiny within all the noise. And all you need — is you.

Modern Stoicism is alive and well in the 21st century. Giving way to lifestyles like minimalism marked by clarity, purpose, and intentionality. Yearly events like Stoic Week, an entirely free online stoic summit to discuss best practices and theories to be applied in life and business, and Stoicon, another annual meet up that gathers people face-to-face from around the globe to witness the power of change drawn from the stoic philosophy. Change that perpetuates in the power of free will, and the ability to take conscious, rational, and most effective decisions. Resolutions that will benefit not only your entire life — but how seriously you take your business and make your vision an empire. …

For as long as I can remember, society has always placed people in two different little boxes — “creative people” and “non-creative people”. Boring. What a dead binary note people tend to press on.

Creativity is not a label or brand to be waved around exclusively by a group of people. It’s something found inherent in all of us. The creative juices are ingrained in our brain and are a fundamental key to problem-solving skills and dynamic critical thinking — a.k.a “connecting the dots”. Creative work isn’t something to be done only by those who are “born with it”. …

Why distributing your team is a smart option for your company

As we settle into our New Normal, most companies have sent their busybodies to “work-from-home”, which not all of us feel comfortable with — be it distractions, kids, family, house-hold issues, or otherwise. Many factors may deviate or even interrupt the steady workflow of any professional. And, while all those dedicated staff members have been away, a lot of business owners seem to be realizing that Shared Offices are not only a way to invest in their people’s well-being, but also an alternative to manage major office expenses.

Companies like Twitter, plan to allow staff to work from home forever while keeping offices open if people prefer. It is becoming the new standard to offer the workforce both: office & “work-from-home”.

We’ve prepared key info on how to get rid of your old gadgets and say “goodbye” to your old unused tech gizmo.

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A shift in consciousness has happened over the past few decades — a growing trend where people think before they throw away, they reuse until it’s nearly obsolete and recycle what they no longer need or have use for.

Before any action is taken on disposing of any computer, laptop, camera, tablet, or electronic device you will want to make sure you wipe its memory clean or reset its setting to a factory restart. This is to guarantee personal or company information is not found within any device before removing it from your assets.

This quick 5-step “how-to” should help you get started on this process:

1. Back-up the device before any procedure. Transfer your prized data onto an external hard drive or computer for personal or company safekeeping.

2. Download and install a remote wiping app that will destroy all data in the device and lockout unwanted users. For iPhone users — iCloud has the tools you need. For Android users: Lost Android Seek Droid and Android Device Manager (by Google) are your best bet. …

Why you should be paying more attention to the Disposal of Electronics

Let’s talk about social sustainability, responsibility, and data safety. A shift in consciousness has happened over the past few decades — a growing trend where people think before they throw away, they reuse until it’s nearly obsolete, reduce consumption of unneeded clutter, and recycle what they no longer need or have use for.

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“With a population of around 7.5 billion currently, it’s projected on average that each person on earth has 6–7 devices connected to the internet of things in 2020.”

The correct disposal of your electronic stuff is a healthy measure of personal sustainability and social responsibility. But not only that! The adequate disposal of such equipment also benefits your data safety. …

We asked a modern “Tuga” nutritionist, Dr. Manuel Laginha Gonçalves, his idea about the power of sustainability through the kitchen.

Finding hidden talents in the kitchen has been a viral topic for many during the quarantine period. And for many more, discovering how essential it is to take care of your health through diet and eating habits. We find a new sense of empowerment in our foods, or a trusted flavourful kitchen, to strengthen our bodies through one of the most common (and wonderful) activities we do on the daily — eating. Mm… Food!

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“We each have a role to play in the health of the planet and humanity.”
- Dr. Manuel Laginha Gonçalves

Lately, most of us are all working from home — and a whole lot of us are preparing our food with our know-how or favorite go-to recipes. The more we learn, the more we want to know and sometimes it can be tough figuring out what’s what without any professional guidance. That’s why Unicorn Workspaces Portugal asked a modern “Tuga” nutritionist, Dr. Manuel Laginha Gonçalves, his opinion about the power of sustainability through the kitchen. …

Meet the new standards and expectations in the work environment with these simple and effective measures

Sooner than later, we’ll go back to our day-to-day lives and to our workspaces and offices — under new perspectives, guidelines, and regulations. We’ll have to do our collective best to prevent any further spread of contamination to our colleagues by practicing new health and safety measures. At Unicorn Workspaces Portugal we’ve been figuring out some easy yet effective methods to guarantee a safe workplace in the face of a public health emergency.

That’s why we have prepared these 10 measures to be implemented to make the behavioral change for everyone easier.

1. Give old gadgets a new purpose


Alert! We’ve heard these sounds our entire lives. Set up blinking alarms, cuckoo clocks or gongs, reminding the teams to sanitize screens, keys and keyboards every 2 hours. — we must take the time and have the patience to incorporate these habits into our daily routines. …

Part II

In our last article, The Future of Work is Now, we introduced the 8 scenarios as to what the future of work is looking like. Furthermore, how a worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has triggered these factors into a rapid rate of development. Each scenario has a profound impact on how the socio-economic world functions and will progressively develop now, and years to come. To imagine that all of them are playing out simultaneously, around the world, and at different paces can be quite scary or grim to think about. …


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