5 Whimsical Ideas for Adults (Part 2 of Silly Isn’t Just For Your Kids)

Yesterday, I shared the story of Project #Unihorn and how parents often wanted to just give their stickers to their kids instead of use them for themselves. (See blog part 1 here.)

It got me thinking about all the other ways I sacrifice the silly for my daughter. In addition to using the stickers to make unicorns, here are 5 other ideas for parents to let their inner child out to play. And of course these ideas are also great for kid-free adult unicorns, too!

1. Go to museums without your kids. There’s a big trend in the Bay Area — and around the nation — to have late-night, adults-only events at museums that traditionally appeal to families. These have a bunch of adults messing around like kids, not having to let the littles go first — with the added bonus of alcohol. But if your local museums don’t offer these events or they’re too far away — then just GO during normal hours but don’t bring the babies. You get to read all the signs and try all the stuff. You get to sit and rest without hawk eyes on the herd. You get to have your OWN experience — and let your inner kid lead you where it wants to go.

2. Make a blanket fort after they go to bed. One of the silliest dates I’ve had in years was when I showed up to discover an amazing blanket fort and picnic had been set up in the living room. I wish I could have made the fort with them, but I still was so delighted and we giggled for hours. So grab your blankets and couch cushions and get to work. Take a book or your laptop inside and chill. Bonus points if you use flashlights to make shadow puppets or eat milk and cookies inside. (Here’s an adult blanket fort gallery for inspiration.)

3. Have your own coloring book — and it doesn’t have to be one of the super detailed adult ones. I love those fancy, expensive coloring books of mandalas and kaleidoscopes (and there are also super cool notecards you can color) that work best with colored pencils or gel pens. But sometimes I don’t want to have to be so detailed and meticulous. I want to go Crayola crazy on the page, 100% guilt free. So get a coloring book with the cheap paper and the big simple images of cats or dogs or mermaids. (Or unicorns, of course.) And while I’m on the subject — have your own set of crayons and markets. Don’t settle for broken dull crayons and dried out markers because the munchkin left the cap off. You deserve your own dedicated coloring gear.

4. Get or make some silly character underwear. So I know it might be going a little far out there to talk about your briefs — but darn it there’s just something super fun about wearing Wonder Woman panties that I just can NOT resist telling my fellow Unicorn adults. Why do the kids get to have the fun characters and we’re stuck with solids or stripes (or whatever grown up thing y’all have covering your bits)? Look around for some silly skivvies. Pro Unicorn Tip: If you don’t see what you want in the store — and you probably won’t because the world hasn’t caught up to our degree of whimsy just yet (I’m working on that!) — you can make your own! All you need is some iron-transfer paper, a color printer, an iron and some clean underwear. Find images you like online, make a reverse image (especially if there’s text), scale to size and then print. Iron that beauty on your butt and VOILA! Bonus points if you then do a happy dance in just your underwear. Cuz you can!

5. Have a snowball fight. And you don’t even have to deal with SNOW! Some of my best friends went to a summer camp for adults called Camp Grounded (they highly recommend it, and I’ve also heard good things about Camp No Counselors). This wacky, wonderful couple found a tub of fuzzy snowballs and took them to camp. The epic fight has become the stuff of legend. You also could hold a water balloon war, squirt gun fight or nerf firing range just for adults.

Get your own “kid” toys and DON’T SHARE THEM. I seriously mean it.

Yes, I know sharing is caring. But as parents you share your bathroom, you share your bed, you share your food and you even share your shoes for dress up time. You deserve some time when you don’t have to share your play. (Also, parental sharing often turns into sacrificing, and that’s not healthy when it comes to whimsy.)

So have a doll with which only you can play dress up, if that’s you’re thing. Get a remote-controlled car or plane that only you can drive, if you want to. As parents, it’s wonderful to model healthy boundaries to our babies. It’s also important to be treated as PEOPLE — not just 24x7 Moms and Dads. It’s way too easy to forget our whimsy in the face of diaper duty or kid carpooling.

We all need space to be silly. We are Unicorns! And we WILL PLAY!

About The Author

Elliotte, leader of The Unicorn Scouts, has been practicing daily whimsy for years. It’s transformed her life, her relationships, her parenting — and every day a little more of the world. Her daughter, Liliana (7), co-leads The Unicorn Scouts and makes magic every day. The Unicorn Scouts, a whimsy troop for all ages +all spectrums of unicorns, are on a mission to bring more joy into the world — and whimsy is the way! To find out more or become a Unicorn Scout: