Silly Isn’t Just For Your Kids (Part 1)

A sampling of Project #Unihorn efforts from adult Unicorns around the world.

For more than two years now, I’ve been handing out Project #Unihorn sticker sheets. The whimsical rainbow horns turn any “picture in need” into a Unicorn. At this point, Project #Unihorn has hit 6 of the 7 continents — we’re just missing Antarctica. (If you know someone there who would like them, please send us an email at

The delight so many people experience as they transform every day items into magical creatures with a quick sticker — it’s a joy to behold. It’s also a little dose of rainbow reality hacking in a world that can sometimes feel dark for Unicorns. So I’m on a Unicorn Mission to spread the message one #unihorn sticker at a time (actually, the sheet has a bunch of horns of various sizes. I can’t wait for you to see the new design coming out soon!)

So, once a sticker goes up I love envisioning what keen observers who notice the horns will think. Perhaps some will grimace at the “defacing public property” aspect. But it’s a UNIHORN! I imagine some folks smiling, and maybe a few have new synapses fire and their brains ignite with the idea that magic is real. Shrug. Who knows. The Unicorn Scouts can’t worry about the way this art is received. We just have to keep making it, and offering it to others to make it with us.

“Would You Like Some Unihorn Stickers?”

When I make that invitation, something interesting happens when I speak with parents. (Also sometimes kid-free adults who have nieces and nephews or friends with kids.) I’ll offer an interesting person a sheet of unihorn stickers, and if they’re a parent they often say:

“Oh! My KIDS are going to LOVE these!!”

And that’s when I have to pause. I have to stop that excited mom or dad in their tracks — gently.

“No. I mean, yes — they will love these. BUT this sheet of Project #Unihorn stickers is for YOU to use. Not your kids. If you have kids, please get more sheets. But don’t give away this sheet to your kids. The whole point is that YOU need to use these unihorns. I want you to go find pictures in need, to go shine some unicorn light into the world. Why do your kids get to have all the whimsy?”

This just happened on a phone call yesterday with an amazing woman who’s offering me great insights for The Unicorn Scouts. She is a fun, dialed-in delightful person with a high degree of whimsy in her life. And still, when I mentioned I was sending her some stickers soon she immediately told me how much her 10-year-old would love them.

I had to interrupt her, right then, to gently correct her.

“So many parents say that. And I have to stop you and remind you that this is YOUR whimsy way, not your kids. Why is it that we parents immediately think of giving silly stuff to our kids — we deserve to have fun too! So please let me send you some for your kids as well, but you do yours.”

And she basically said: “Damn! Thank you. You are SO right. And that is what you need to tell people in your upcoming Kickstarter!”

So I’m not talking about this topic — or sharing this example — in judgment of any kind. It’s something I do, too. I just want to gently remind you, generous Mom and Dad Unicorns, that YOU deserve to play too. And I don’t mean kicking the soccer ball with your kid, or playing a board game. I mean go play your own game of soccer, or have an adult-only board game night after your kids head to bed.

Project #Unihorn is great if you’re 2 or 92. Whimsy is the way for all ages to find joy. Silly isn’t just for kids.

We ARE Unicorns!

About The Author

Elliotte, leader of The Unicorn Scouts, has been practicing daily whimsy for years. Her whimsy way has transformed her life, her relationships, her parenting — and every day a little more of the world gets a little more rainbow. Her daughter, Liliana (7), co-leads The Unicorn Scouts. The Unicorn Scouts, a whimsy crew for all ages + all spectrums of unicorns, are on a mission to bring more joy into the world — and whimsy is the way! To find out more or become a Unicorn Scout:

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