Unikeys on stage at Ethereum Japan!

The Unikeys Tokyo Meetup organised by Ethereum Japan took place on the 6th of November 2018.

Ethereum Japan harnesses and encourages blockchain companies building relevant and game changing solutions to meet the local community and to spread awareness about their solutions. Unikeys had the honour to present its vision of a cryptocurrency ecosystem that can be simple and secure at the same time for individuals, merchants and enterprises. Blockchain developers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, IT professionals and bankers participated to the Meetup.

Unikeys was represented by Alexandre Tabbakh its CEO and Co-Founder. Alexandre made a keynote speech to introduce the Unikeys ecosystem and its unique implementations of biometric card hardware wallet and payment channels framework. Part of the keynote was also dedicated to showcase the two Unikeys proof of concepts in order to better democratise the scale of the work already realised by Unikeys as well as the disruptive impact it will have on the way we secure and exchange assets. The keynote was followed by a very active Q&A that emphasized on the specificities of the UKey card and the proof of concepts currently relying on Ethereum and also Sprites State Channels.

Ethereum Japan gave an excellent opportunity for Unikeys to reach a wider audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that were glad to understand and attend live demonstrations of the first biometric card hardware wallet worldwide, the UKey card.

Unikeys will soon be back in Japan to introduce the UKey card and Unikeys payment solutions to more consumers and merchants. Please stay tuned!