Funny Warning Signs from Around the World

Let’s face it, the daily commute is something of a chore for the vast majority of us, so a little humour and entertainment to brighten up the journey is always a welcome addition. However, we don’t expect the road and warning signs we see on a regular basis to be a source of such entertainment (if we even pay attention to them, given the proliferation of modern satellite navigation and sign recognition technology).

As this new and nicely illustrated infographic from MySafetySign shows however, normally mundane and informative signs can in fact give you a laugh on your way to work, or at least confuse the living daylights out of you…

Whether it’s a sign pointing the way to a ‘secret’ nuclear bunker, or a sign with the sole function of telling you the sign isn’t in use (both examples from the UK, by the way), warning signs can indeed be the source of a surprising amount of humour:

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