The Most Popular Fundraising Ideas for Schools

If you have kids at primary or secondary school, then you’ve almost certainly been invited to a fundraising event at one time or another, or you may even have been involved in them yourself. It’s a common and integral part of each academic year for almost every school in the country, particularly those who don’t charge fees.

Whether it’s for new books, computers, equipment or for school trips, the vast majority of schools need to think about raising additional funds on an annual basis. Not only do these fundraising efforts need to be effective, but they also need to be fun for the faculty, the students and their families.

This leaves schools and PTA’s with the job of coming up with suitable ideas to raise money each year, often doing the same thing over and over again in an attempt to bring in additional money to the school. However, there are actually a whole host of potential ideas available to you, if you’re willing to think a little outside of the box. Of course some ideas will be more popular and effective than others — for example in the UK, around £185 million was raised in 2015 through bake sales alone!

So to help parents, teachers and staff make the most of their fundraising efforts, UK brand IQ Cards has produced this wonderfully illustrated infographic, highlighting the most popular fundraising ideas for schools:

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