May 24, 2016 · 2 min read

The Gift That Keeps Giving: Handmade Gifts by Local Artists

When you really need to buy a gift for a loved one (or for yourself!), would you head to the nearest department store or big box retailer? Or are you more inclined to visit a local gift shop and then try to find unique gifts made by local artists? While purchasing from larger commercial retailers has plenty of advantages, there are many more if you buy from a local gift shop. Here are some reasons you should consider buying local if you want gifts, trinkets, artwork, photography and other items like that. — Gift shop On Ebay

Purchasing from a local gift shop means you are supporting your local community. Chances are the artists featured within the gift shop are those who live in your general area. If you decide on their artwork and photography, you’re not supporting some big company executive who already includes a ton of money. You are supporting a local artist and helping them to pay for their housing or their kid’s dance lessons, and you’re helping that artist continue his / her artistic endeavors along with other artistic projects.

The amount of money you spend at your local gift shop dates back into your local community. It isn’t spread far and wide like it would be if you visited a large international (as well as national) store, and you may feel like you are doing your behalf to contribute and provide back to your local community and economy too.

Finally, the handmade gifts with a gift store are totally unique then one of a kind. The recipient will appreciate the time you spent attempting to pick out the perfect gift, and you know that the recipient will not receive that exact gift or anything enjoy it when you buy from a local artist with a local gift shop! Buying from a larger retailer implies that, chances are, the items you get are stuff that other folks will have. A unique gift is normally more appreciated from the recipient too.

Buying local does not necessarily mean you are supporting an area artist and his or her family and livelihood. You are also supporting your town, and the money you may spend will be filtered into your local economy, helping everyone else in your community as well. Take the time to visit a local gift shop locally, and chances are you are likely to find the perfect gift for all on your list — Gift shop On Ebay

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