Who is really to blame?🤔

And why do you follow 👣 behind them if they are in the wrong? 🚶🚶‍♀️

Arguments don’t just happen for no reason. Yet, when it does both parties claim they’re not at fault. 🙅 Both individuals tell each their own story to their friends making the other look at fault. Who is really at fault though… who do we blame? 🤔🤔🤔

Many times, especially when young in high school, there is beef and hate among each other. The two won’t even know each other, but have a strong negative emotion towards each other. 😡 How does that make sense?

Then you have the followers. 👣 The friends involving themselves in a battle that isn’t theirs to fight! 💢 It’s one thing having your friend’s back, and another getting involved and acquiring the same emotions towards the “enemy.”

But why will you defend and follow your friend when you know they are in the wrong. Clearly someone is, but that individual might be too ignorant. 😤 The friends are going to know who in fact initiated the fight, yet they follow and support them. STOP✋

If you are truly a friend why don’t you actually help instead of escalating the situation with encouragement. 👏 Let your friend know they’re wrong. Help your friend come towards a realization so they can be the bigger person. End the stupidity. End the unnecessary drama. PLEASE 🙏

The argument started somehow, and their must be someone to blame. Accept you are wrong and let it go. 🍃 Don’t let your ego take control. Be the bigger person.