Unique Star Increases bandwidth on dedicated servers to 10TB

Internet users have always talked about the speed and performance that their service providers offer. In fact, some people find it very difficult and boring to make use of the internet because of poor performance.

I recently heard that Unique Star Web Hosting Net Solutions, which is one of the biggest web hosting companies in history, is planning to effect a change that will make internet users to enjoy more while they pay less. The company has made a significant increase in its bandwidth allowance on all dedicated servers, which will make it easier for users to surf the web with high speed and performance.

Increasing all dedicated servers to about 10TB is a step towards the right direction. In addition to that the company also offers this free of charge for both new and existing customers. It is great thing to know that your web hosting company can make things easier for you. And since internet is a place where a lot of people live their lives, providing great services is truly rewarding.

People don’t mind spending lots of time on the internet when they want to. But when the performance or speed is not encouraging, then going online is like running a 100 meters race.

“We are regularly working on all our services to make them more attractive and convenient for our clients, “said Mr. Akram, founder and chairman of Unique Star Web Hosting Solutions. “ We are very happy to announce to our new and existing customers that we have increased the band width allowance on all our dedicated services and it is free for all our clients. In fact, we want our clients to expand their businesses, reduce their expenses and increase profit.”

Unique Star Web Hosting Net Solutions is an IT based company that offers web hosting services such as Shared web hosting, Reseller web hosting, Dedicated servers, and Domains. In addition to web hosting the company also provides other services such as Web application designing and development, search engine optimization, eCommerce, and multimedia solutions. The company also has over 100,000 registered users and it is still growing its customer.