My life as an “Adult’

This past summer I turned 12, labeling me as a movie theater adult. I took a Buzzfeed quiz that would supposedly guess my actual age from my taste in music. Buzzfeed decided that I am 29. Other people call me a “young lady” or “young woman.” These days culture is centered around being “grown up.” This is because our perception of age is warped. To be mature in this world immediately means that you are “old.” To actually know what you are talking about, to actually have and opinion means that you are acting older than your age. This isn’t the case at all. I have met countless teenagers and adult who seem less immature than me, despite their age. 54 year old’s who cant resolve conflict. 18 year old’s who don’t understand why people go to college. 28 year old’s who still want to make face paint out of rocks. All of these acts of immaturity are fine. What is not fine is that society immediately labels being “childish” or “immature” as a bad thing. These people that I have met are amazing smart people. They are no more childish than I. However, I am not an adult. I am a human being who has been alive for twelve years. I am not an adult until I choose to be. I am a tween. When I turn 13 I will be a teen. Maybe, when I’m 16, I will decide I am an adult. The strange thing is that no one actually sees me as an adult. I am not legally an adult until I am 18 years old. So until things change I will live my life under the title of: underage tween adult.

Over and out.

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