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What is UTEX

UTEX (United Traders Exchange) is a reliable and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange that enables traders to apply their experience and uncover potential of their professional skills to make money.

Legal Entity. UT Exchange OU incorporated in Estonia is licensed to perform cryptocurrency exchange and storage services. UT Exchange OU is compliant with the EU requirements governing personal data and anti-money laundering as well as…

What follows is a fiction; the events depicted in this text are fictitious. Any similarity to any person, country, or event are merely coincidental.

Daniil Shubin

Purely by accident and as a result of a sequence of events, we had a chance to ask a few questions to a pirate crypto miner who was active in the continental China just recently. The text below is an optimized and edited version of a recorded short conversation between two Chinese, which was subsequently translated from Chinese to Chinese English by a Chinese native, and then edited by a English native, with inevitable translation and…

The economy is hesitating whether to grow or decline, and the United States prepare for a state of national emergency. However, it’s not that bad as it may seem: the markets are going higher and companies report great earnings.

US-China Dispute

Wall Street Journal reports that US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin discussed lifting some or all import tariffs for Chinese goods in order to advance deal negotiations and proposed discussing the matter at the next meeting on January 30. …

As it’s not only us who like to dive deep into the holiday spirit and celebrate the New Year on a large scale, and people in China are busy with preparations for their own New Year (this time, the holiday season in China starts on February 5 and will continue for two weeks), there have been no particular events in the blockchain industry over the last three weeks. It looks like while one part of the world is slowly switching to the operation mode, the other part is only preparing to start celebrating. …

Markets continue to recover owing to the jobs data in the US, Powell’s diligence, US-China talks as well as crude oil rebound and the record deal in the history of pharmaceutical business. The global economic environment, however, is far from excellent: the United States Government has been shut down, while Apple and Samsung enter danger territory.

Market Rally

The S&P 500 index has seen a stretch of 3 weeks of continuous growth first time since August and the strongest 10-day rally for the last ten years.

China-U.S. Talks

Representatives of two countries held talks on January 7–9 that continued for three days instead of…

According to EY, the volume of funds raised through traditional IPOs rose by 40% to $189bn (1,624 companies) in 2017. There were 1,000 IPOs globally with the total volume of $145.1bn in Q1-Q3 2018.

Dow Jones Index: 23879.12 points on January 9, 2019; 21792.20 on December 24, 2018

S&P 500 Index: 2584.96 points on January 9, 2019; 2351.10 on December 24, 2018

The sentiment in the cryptocurrency market took a sharp turn right when 2018 was just around the corner. The all-time high price of bitcoin was reached in December 2017, and the entire crypto market cap peaked in January 2018. Since then, bitcoin is down more than 80%. Bitcoin miners continued increasing capacity for some time but the growth stopped in August, and since November hashrate started declining and fell by almost 50%. Mining difficulty was increasing until October but then also started going down; the latest change in mining difficulty has become the second largest drop in history. …

2018 was pretty hot, with deadlines pressing, the team getting stronger and horizons expanding. We worked hard on the projects within the United Traders ecosystem and now present a report on what has been done. We’ve updated with a new roadmap, put a strong team together and are all ready for any future challenges. Here’s everything that has been and will be done: UTEX, Investments, Mega Dictionary, a fresh and intriguing SECTA, and, of course, execution timelines.

Picture by Daniel Shubin

Dear friends, we want to present a report to you on our progress over the past year.

We’ve done a tremendous job…

In December 2017, exactly one year ago, bitcoin was worth $19,800, which was the absolute high that no one has seen ever since. Amid the boozy hype, cryptocurrency practitioners and theorists alike promised us a lot of things: $50,000, $100,000, a million dollars for one bitcoin and even to eat off certain parts of their bodies should their predictions fail to materialize. As most predictions covered one-year period, the time has come now to look back and strike the current balance.

We decided to reflect on the forecasts that stars of the crypto world were making for 2018, to recall…

Bitcoin is falling as well as Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and Litecoin are. Leaves also fall in autumn, you know. Here’s what happened in the cryptocurrency space over the last week. Weekly Crypto Digest from United Traders authored by Matvey Danilov.

The worldwide jitters about the collapse of the cryptocurrency market have really pissed off everyone at the very least because the overwhelming majority of individuals interested in the well-being of blockchain money has already gone too crazy to be able to stay reasonable in their thinking, and are now mostly running in circles and freaking out making too much noise…

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