2014′s Largest Tech Exits

An overview on 2014 & the top 20 US-based VC-backed exits

2014 has been a great year for billion-dollar valuations, tech exits and financing deals. We analyzed data from the last year and we discovered 4 data sets extremely meaningful.

An overview on 2014

$64.27B raised

As CBInsights Report states, hedge funds, mutual funds, corporates and Asian tech investors piled into U.S. tech companies in 2014, the 588 companies in the pipeline have raised a whopping $64.27B across more than 2,700 financing deals. $24B (38.4%) of that funding came in 2014.

Tech IPO Pipeline. Annual Deal Volume and Investment ($B)

$100M+ financing rounds

The number of $100M+ financing rounds to the Tech IPO Pipeline has more than doubled compared to 2013.

$100M+ Funding rounds, 2010–2014 YTD

Billion-dollar valuation club

The number of Tech IPO Pipeline companies that entered the billion-dollar valuation club skyrocketed in 2014 and represented a 160%+ increase from the number of companies that first raised at a $1B+ valuation in 2013.

VC-Backed companies with new $1B+ Valutations, 2011–2014 YTD

There are 42 companies on the list that have raised a financing round at a real or rumored valuation of $1B or more. Which are these companies?

Internet companies

Internet companies now make up nearly 60% of the 2015 Tech IPO Pipeline and outnumber Hardware companies by 7x. Mobile & Telecom companies are a distant 2nd. Despite growing prominence of Mobile, there are ~9% more Internet firms on the IPO pipeline this year than last.

Company count, by sector

The top 20 US-based VC-backed exits

Data source: CBInsights