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2015 eCommerce trends

“The global eCommerce industry saw impressive growth in 2014 with
goods and services worth $1.5 trillion
bought by shoppers via desktops,
tablets and smartphones. Advertisers are now spending an increasing
proportion of their marketing budgets on Internet advertising. This ad
spend is forecast to surpass $160 billion in 2015, of which more than
$58 billion will be spent on Display advertising” — Eric Eichmann, President and Chief Operating Officer at Criteo.

On January 2015, Criteo has presented “eCommerce Industry Outlook 2015" sharing their top 5 predictions of what advertisers can expect in 2015.

1. Mobile share will grow to 40% of eCommerce transactions globally

Mobile share of online sales grew steadily in 2014. In 2015 Criteo expect mobile devices to account for 40% of eCommerce transactions globally, and more than 50% in the developed markets including the US, UK and Japan.

Source: Criteo

2. Cross-device marketing

An analysis of 2,000 Criteo advertisers in Q2 2014 showed that 15–20% of sales made by 86 million users with multiple devices were cross-device sales. In 2015, the complexities around cross-device advertising will disappear with the availability of more precise exact-match methods, which will drive a significant uplift in sales for retailers.

Source: Digiday and Criteo survey of retail executives and ad agencies, July 2014

3. Programmatic buying will drive rapid growth in native advertising

In 2015, native ads will become every bit as scalable and measurable as IAB standard ad units — and therefore native ad inventory will grow significantly.

Source: Rubicon Project and InMobi, “2014 Mobile Native Advertising Survey,” Oct 16, 2014

4. Brick-and-mortar retailers will focus even more on online strategies

eCommerce will become “do or die” for brick-and-mortar retailers in 2015 as they experience the increasing impact of shopper “webrooming” and “showrooming” behavior.

Source: GFK Futurebuy Shopping Study, October 2014

5. Mobile apps focus will shift to re-engagement

Mobile app marketers will start to focus more on re-engaging with users who have previously installed the app but are not using it.

Source: Digiday and Criteo survey of retail executives and ad agencies, July 2014
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