Kuldat Scores $1.5 Million Series A Round From United Ventures

Kuldat, the big data platform using artificial intelligence to streamline the sales and marketing function for SMEs and large enterprises has announced $1.5 Million in Series A funding from United Ventures.

Founded in 2012 by Marco Visibelli, a leading Data Scientist formerly of IBM and Accenture, Kuldat simplifies and automates sales and marketing pipeline, including the process of identifying potential customers, in more than 100 sectors. The platform leverages in excess of 25 industries, 6 markets, over 250,000 companies and processes more than 15 million messages daily from the web.

The exponential wealth of data available to Kuldat is reflective of the wider rise of big data in recent times. Data accumulation is sourced from many aspects of our lives ­ from social media gathering information on what news we read, to where we shop and what music we love, to mobile phone apps tracking our every move and online video networks noting the genre of films and videos we like to view.

Although there is a plethora of data available, the tools for analysing that information have traditionally lagged behind ­ often using natural language processing algorithms which are flawed with conceptualisation issues and their considerable expense has put them outside the reach of small business and enterprises.

Applying Marco Visibelli’s deep understanding of artificial intelligence and big data, the Kuldat system addresses these shortfalls with cutting­edge cognitive technology that actually processes the information, creating an affordable big data option for both SMEs and enterprises. The Kuldat platform automatically explores and collects information on the web before cataloging, processing and presenting its analysis to the client ­ a process which significantly reduces the cost of sales activities and increases the conversion rate of the sales cycle itself.

The Kuldat platform can also be used to gain useful insights about competitors’ commercial activities ­ such as product launches, marketing campaigns, events and commercial offers to enhance understanding of what has worked well and what hasn’t. Even the smallest change in the industry is analysed by Kuldat, providing clients with actionable insights and a formidable competitive edge.

The funding raised by Kuldat will be used to expand the company globally, boost the platforms sales and marketing function and continuously improve their technologies to stay at the forefront of this highly exciting space.

According to research by BCC Research, the global market for Artificial Intelligence is set to grow to $15.3 billion by 2019 with a five­year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.8%.

Google’s recent major acquisition of DeepMind for $400 Million also served to heighten anticipation of the sector’s explosion in coming years.

Massimiliano Magrini, Co­Founder & Managing Director of United Ventures, said ­ “We were absolutely bowled over by the way in which Kuldat combines Big Data and artificial intelligence to automate the sales and marketing process, opening it up to smaller businesses that previously found it out of reach. With one of the leading minds in big data and artificial intelligence at the helm (Marco Visibelli), we are hugely confident of their continued success and look forward to watching them thrive.”
“Everything we have developed so far at Kuldat was previously impossible even just a year ago”, says Marco Visibelli, Co founder & CEO of Kuldat. “The big data market has evolved so fast in the last 12 months alone that we are now able to offer even SMEs a highly sophisticated sales and marketing platform that will dramatically improve customer acquisition and retention; in particular businesses looking to expand into international markets.”
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