Grayson’s story from a fathers perspective

Cory is a friend of mine from high-school and seeing the ups and downs of their son Grayson’s (Great name by the way as I have a Grayson) health has really hit home. My Grayson was in neonatal care for a week after birth, all the emotions from that and only a small portion of the complications, time, and care needed for Cory’s Grayson, I can only imagine how he feels. His story and perspective on this is all too real and the reality many families in the world live today. -

“Okay well Lauren got pregnant the first week of December and everything was fine for the first 2 months but March we went in for another ultrasound and that’s when they told us the bowel (small intestines) were dilated more than they should be. So they told us to come in next month to see if the dilation has gone down. So we waited a month worried hoping it has gone down. April’s appointment was up and right when we’re pulling in baptist hospital parking lot they called us saying they had to reschedule. We were both livid we waited a month worrying and wanted to know. You call us 10min before our appointment and say we have to reschedule… So we left and returned in the next couple days for them to tell us it has gotten bigger so they’re referring us to sacred heart hospital “high risk” doctor and not to worry it’s just a precaution. It’s extremely hard to not be scared not knowing what’s going on but knowing something may be wrong with your child. The only opening they had was the first week of June so we waited again. Just hoping that maybe the dilation went down or the other tech might have misunderstood her findings just trying to be hopeful. I knew I had to be strong for Lauren cause I may have been scared but anyone can only imagine how she was feeling bearing Grayson in her stomach. So we get to the June appointment appointment. Pretty sure it was June 7th. We go in and the ultrasound took about an hour an 30min. They were trying to get all the pictures they could of his bowel so they could finally find out what’s going on and give us a diagnosis. so the doctor came in and pointed out some things in the ultrasound and told us that Grayson had a condition called gastroschisis and it’s where your intestines come outside your abdominal wall and stay out instead of going back in. He believed the reason why Graysons kept dilating was cause a piece of his intestines was stuck, kinda wedged in his abdomen. Therefore causing a back up. The doctor saw our reactions and emotions and instead of scheduling it a month later he said I’ll tell you what. Y’all come back in a week for another ultrasound and we can go from there. So a week later the 14th we go in for another ultrasound this time having a different high risk doctor seeing us. He came in and started reading the reports and I just remember him saying “wow” I was like wow, what do you mean wow? He then said his dilation grew a centimeter in a week so he was sitting at 2.4 CM and she would have to be admitted in the hospital immediately for monitoring for the rest of her pregnancy. And she was due sept 7th. He said because 2.4cm is high risk but they don’t start really worrying until over 3cm. So June 14 she had to call out of work and tell them she was being admitted in the hospital and on continuous monitoring and bedrest. So I stayed with her everyday and night on their little couch thing. Trying to comfort her the best I can. We had a lot of support from family and friends. Which was helpful as well. They continued to ultrasound her every week and the bowel continued to grow the last week it was 3.5cm and that’s when I thought we were going to induce her but they did nothing. They said he’s too premature and it would be more of a risk to take him now then keep him in. But my thinking was I get that it’s a risk having a premature baby. We were willing to have that risk. Other than having his bowel rupture inside of him then him get an infection and have him premature. So I rather take one risk than 2. June 26th they did another ultrasound and it shot up to 4.8cm the doc said don’t worry cause the dilated bowel was outside his abdomen, I corrected him and said no sir it’s actually inside his abdomen. That’s why we have been worrying. He went and checked again. Came back and told us he was wrong and we were right so they were going to go in for emergency C section in the morning. So they did it at 11:14am June 27 and he came out 29 weeks weighing 4lbs which was big for a premie. Surgeons were going to work on him right after but they said he was stable and his stomach wasn’t tight so they were going to wait a few days… 30min later they said we need to go in now. His stomach was getting tighter and starting to expand. So that’s when they went in and noticed his abdomen closed up on his intestines cutting off all blood supply and he lost 99% of small intestines. Only had 4cm left. They told us in a group of family and everyone started balling. I knew I couldn’t. I got up put my forehead on Lauren’s looked her in the eye and promised her everything was going to be great, promised her I wouldn’t stop till I got our son the best care possible. Kissed her then kissed her forehead and walked out of the hospital where I was by myself, sat down in the grass under a tree and broke down started balling by myself. Praying and talking to god. I couldn’t cry infront of everyone. I felt like I needed to be the strong one so I had to keep my composure till then.So then we were battling with insurance and hospital like that message I sent you a week or 2 ago said. Luckily I was able to put him on my work insurance. To get him up to Cincinnati which is the number 1 hospital in GI care and surgery that’s why we chose it. He had surgery yesterday and they connected what was left of his small intestines to his colon to help save his liver. His small intestines actually grew 5cm too which sacred heart told us that probably wouldn’t happen but he’s over coming all odds. Surgery went great and now we need to find out the long term plan. Which may be moving to Cincinnati. We have a lot to decide. And if you need anymore information let me know. Sorry it was so long.”

Here is Grayson’s gofundme, his family is looking at a path to recovery and healthy living so any amount towards Grayson’s medical fund helps —