New Moon Beginnings

I’m aware it’s far past the new moon, but I figured this was very appropriate. My last ritual was the first solo ritual I've done in a very long time, and as a Priority Shift and New Moon Intention it was perfect. Recently I have been going through some very brutal cycles of karma that keep me in quite a dark place. My depression is grasping it's inky, long, black fingers around my throat and I cannot escape it's grip. Or at least that has been the mentality I have had lately. I have been feeling so incredibly stuck, it was starting to weigh on me. So, this week will be my last week at work, then it's off to Washington state for this Midwestern girl. I'll be feeding my soul by filling my karma bucket and helping a new community get on it's feet. Very excited for the opportunity that life has given me, and I pray that I may see all the truths and lessons I need from this trip and this leap of faith.

Durring my last ritual, on Saturday night, I also created protection amulets from different gems, beads, and hemp that turned out very fine. They held my charge extremely well and almost felt as if they were vibrating to the touch. I can't wait to make more for the loves I'm leaving behind before I do.

I hope I have an abundant amount of opportunities to be able to not only write, but to publish online as well. Also, sorry for any spelling mistakes. It always was my worst subject and I'm still technically at work. ;)

Blessings and blessed be.