AMA Recap of Cheese Swap and Universal Crypto

An AMA was held between
Cheese & Universal Crypto at telegram group on September 17th, 2021. Here is the link to join us:

Atif Rehmani <NeverDmYouFirst>:
1: First of all please introduce yourself with our community! Tell us about your experience in cryptocurranccy and also reveal your Role in project #CheeseSwap?

2: Now give us intro of your project #CheeseSwap! What are the project backgrounds?Also tell us about your team!

3: How #CheeseSwap works and Why you choosed Binance smart Chain BSC for your project?

The reason why we chose BSC for our project is:
1) Low gas fee
2) Fast transaction speed
3) Largest network users
4) BNB is the next BTC, CHEESE is the next BNB


4: Is #CheeseSwap going to give staking rewards for it's users? Also tell us about your Bridging+Live and NFC system?

5: What achievements you had done till now and What are your future plans to make this project more
Successfull? Can you share your Roadmap if possible?

Check out our Roadmap here:


Cheese Swap Telegram link

Cheese Swap Twitter link



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