The nights are drawing in, temperatures are dropping and winter beckons. This time of year is normally celebrated with an abundance of light, from the bonfires of Guy Fawkes Night through to New Year’s fireworks.

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Light Night 2017 on campus

In Leeds, it is tradition to honour the shortening of days with Light Night, the UK’s largest annual arts and light festival. Light Night transforms the city into a glowing tribute to its diverse culture, creativity, and community.

Now in its sixteenth year, the festival has grown considerably from its humble roots. It was originally founded in October 2005 and inspired by its European counterpart, Nuit Blanche. …

Many students choose to live at home or commute during their studies. The benefits of this include affordability, maintaining connections with family, friends, community and work colleagues and a helpful structure to your day and week.

Commuting to university builds multiple soft skills such as organisation, time management and resilience. There is a growing number of students, not just at Leeds, but across the UK, deciding that commuting is for them.

The University of Leeds now has a society dedicated to helping commuter/living at home students make new friends and enjoy inclusive social events that work around your timetable and commitments.

Stephen Whitfield, associate director for Food in the Global South at the Global Food and Environment Institute at Leeds, reflects on the roles and responsibilities of UK research institutes that work in the Global South, and the opportunity that Covid-19 represents to accelerate efforts to decolonise and decarbonise this research.

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Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash

The global nature of our food supply and value chains is such that the availability, affordability and accessibility of food across the diverse contexts of the Global North and South are highly interdependent.

Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic — which has manifest in agriculture labour shortages, problematic supply chain logistics, food price rises, and reduced food access for those that have been economically disadvantaged — has shed a light on the vulnerabilities of this interconnected global food system.

Research that crosses disciplines and sectors has an important role to play in addressing the imperative challenges of improving access to safe and nutritious food for all, sustainably increasing productivity, building resilience to climate and economic shocks and stress, and more. …


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