Top step-free access routes on campus you may want to explore

Whether you’re a student, staff member or visitor at the University of Leeds — you may be used to the little pockets of campus that you go through every day. We all have that specific route to get to our lecture, meeting or lunch hideout. But what happens if you need to get to somewhere different? It can take time to plan your route, especially if you need step-free access. That’s why — for Disabled Access day, we’re going to show you some of the access routes you may not have visited before…

Sensory Garden

Sometimes when you come to University, it’s great to be in the city and to have shops in a 5 minute reaching distance. However, sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of greenery and fresh air. That’s why we love the newly added Sensory Garden on campus. It’s a place to unwind, relax and discover lots of different plants. There are tactile plants to feel as well as braille descriptions along the way. A definite place to visit if you haven’t already!

Great Hall Lift

If you have been at the University for a while, you may know that the Great Hall used to have a very old lift with a friendly staff member who would smile and shut the gate on you as you travel through to the graduation floor. Now we have a newly improved lift that has an automatic door to take you to graduation in style.

Nexus entrance

As you may or may not be aware we’ve had building works going on near the new Nexus building. Last month this was finished and we now have a brand new entrance to campus! For those who would prefer a less car filled and busy entrance to university, this may be for you. It has smooth pavements, step-free access and is filled with trees and greenery! Lovely.

Terrace Automatic Doors

Of course University is not just about studying, it’s about having fun with friends too. The Terrace bar on campus is a great place to share a jug of Pimms in the summer or watch the latest matches on the screens. There’s an automatic door to the entrance now so it’s even easier to access.

Toilets are something that we all assume to be accessible. However, we know that not all disabled toilets are accessible for everyone. That’s why we’re pleased to have two changing places toilets on campus, equipped with large space, showers and one with a changing table and hoist.

North/South Access Route

Have you ever travelled from one side of campus to the other? Just the thought of it could make you tired! Having the North/South access route makes travelling through campus a lot easier. It is step-free, smooth flooring and keeps you dry when it’s raining. Even better.

There is more information on our website to find out how to access all parts of this route in out of hours.

Parkinson Steps (Lift)

And finally as we know, the Parkinson Tower is the most iconic building at the University, (possibly in Leeds too!?). But for some people, looking at the giant staircase wasn’t the most accessible. That’s why we’re excited about the renovation to include a lift to Parkinson steps, meaning more people can access the iconic entrance of the University of Leeds.