Welcome to Spring 2016!

Disclaimer: This account is managed and published for a communication class at University of San Francisco (Professor Jennifer Kienzle jkienzle@usfca.edu). Although this class is primarily aimed at the students in the class, any user is welcome to join in on our conversations about communication and technology.


Welcome to COMS490 (Communication in the Digital Age). This Medium account will serve as your anchor for completing all Medium Responses this semester.

Some Things to Note

Bookmark this page: http://www.medium.com/@UniversityofSanFrancisco

My Medium blog is here: http://www.medium.com/@JenKienzle

When making your response, scroll to the bottom of the Medium entry/blog and you should see “Write a Response” with a text box.

Always go to full screen mode!

The screen shot below points out the full screen option. This will allow you to add pictures, headings, and make your response look nice.

Do a Test!

Write a response to this entry/blog as a test for you.

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