So you’ve lost your creativity?

Noun: creativity//kriːeɪˈtɪvɪti

:The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

It’s easy to create something. Anything. As long as in your mind, you invented it yourself; you still created it. You’re creating your thoughts and your words but what happens, what happens when you’re purposely -whilst aware- being creative?

You reach the wall.

The block.

You can’t think. You can’t focus. You’re procrastinating…

You’re desperate.

What actually is it? What is that treacherous moment when your brain decides to defy its function? And how do you escape?

I find, that you have a muse and you’ve lost it -you might not have had one in the first place- or your motivation has lost its power. It could be the fact you are proving yourself or being creative for the response yet you are no longer receiving the responses you wish for. You may not have the same emotions as you had when you were drawing or painting or writing or singing last week, last month or even last year. And I know, I understand. You need to be able to do it again.

I understand.


Because I’m a writer. No, not professional, but I write so doesn’t that make me count as one? I also act, I play music, I do art. I am creative. And I have experienced this halt. This block in my life.

*I am experiencing it, thus the reason for this irrelevant rant.

I do not have a way to overcome it. And neither do you. No-one does and it is painful. It’s lonely. But you cope.

And you live.

And you carry on.

And you try. You try so hard to overcome it but it never seems to fade away. You’ve lost previous interest in the things you once loved; writing, acting, playing music, doing art. Still, you feel lost without them. So you force yourself. You have to. Write about how you feel, recite lines from an old play you were in, play or sing an old song you know by heart, doodle something small.

Start again. Reignite that interest you had once before. It will happen again. Please, just try. Try for those who have it worse than you. Try for the blind artists, the deaf musicians, the mute actors.

We still have a chance. So, just try not to completely give up?