So here’s a simple way we can improve our economy and help people get more jobs: every time a politician mentions “bringing back those good old manufacturing jobs” we should tell that politician, “Hey, why don’t we train people to fill the good engineering jobs that never left our country in the first place?”
Those jobs are gone forever. Let’s gear up for what’s next.
Quincy Larson

The ratio of engineers to menial laborers is probably something like 1-to-10,000. So if a certain percentage of your menial labor is shipped overseas, you’re talking about millions of jobs, not just a few odd thousand. There’s no way to employ these masses of unskilled and/or unemployed workers by simply skilling them up. While training up in these skills is an admirable endeavor for individuals who don’t want to join the rat race for dangerous, low paying jobs (that largely don’t exist any more), our political leaders, one must admit, have a daunting task before them. Tens of millions of people who have idle hands. Be realistic: A huge cross-section of those people would have trained up to a more achievable level of success had they the wherewithal to do so.

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