What does your wife do?

Earlier this week, I had a very interesting conversation with a woman CEO of one of our portfolio companies. We were doing the typical catch up after the holidays, in which she paid me a very fascinating compliment. She told me, that Unshackled was the only investor during the investment process to never ask her, “What does your husband do?” This caught me off guard. I never thought about this. In fact, I never thought it was relevant or needed to be known during the evaluation of an investment. Sure she had a wedding ring on, but why should it matter? I told her thank you and then asked myself — do investors ever ask men, “What does your wife do?”

I don’t think so… Thoughts?

w/b Manan Mehta

Background on Day 0 Ramblings:
The purpose of Day 0 Ramblings is to share micro-thoughts of stuff that happens when starting a company. We will speak from the perspective of an investor, entrepreneur, and as a citizen of the world. We hope it gives you a view into the crazy world of startup life and fosters a conversation. We may use data or just express views, but we’ll try to be honest and candid. Some of our thoughts may be controversial and create disagreement. That’s perfect. We want to hear your views and counter views too. Because sometimes we are wrong and will reflect back and will change our views. This is what a conversation is all about.