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This summarizes our thoughts, journey and future direction. The community’s power, influence and energy can help immigrant entrepreneurs go big and rise above the noise. Get involved at

Help us go big

Unshackled sits at the intersection of immigration, entrepreneurship, and job creation. We have a singular mission of helping immigrant founders succeed faster. If you are an immigrant entrepreneur who has studied or worked in the U.S., Unshackled is for you. Our existence is a bet on you and what we know you will do.

Three years ago, we set out to create an environment for the brightest entrepreneurial group this country has ever attracted — immigrants. It was never about D.C. politics for us. It was about building the first bottoms-up product that augmented venture capital & network resources with deep immigration support. Today, we are proud to work with immigrant founders who have gone on to raise millions of dollars of capital and are creating new American jobs every day.

For Unshackled, we have always looked beyond Silicon Valley and its usual pattern recognition. In fact, our mostly first-time founders don’t fit the conventional venture patterns, except for their unique drive and determination. In two years of active investing, we’ve brought together 40+ university partners, 400+ advisors and mentors, and 2,000+ entrepreneurs into the Unshackled ecosystem to support immigrant entrepreneurship.

We’ve invested in companies solving major problems in beloved American sectors like water, health care, trucking, construction, and logistics — sectors entrenched across our nation. These companies have demonstrated one of the lowest 2-year failure rates in early-stage venture, created nearly 100 jobs, and been selected as a favorite tech startup by TechCrunch, a finalist at SXSW, announced large deals with Procore and DHL, and emerged as a top company in a recent Y Combinator class. A testament to what’s possible when immigrant founders are supported.

What’s more, our invested capital has doubled in value in less than 2 years, representing a net IRR of 24%, twice the national average for similarly aged funds. While these are early results (and can change quickly), we are most proud of the more than 65 co-investors who have invested in our companies and share our goal of helping immigrant founders succeed faster. With 2 out of 3 funded portfolio companies receiving capital from an institutional investor, our founders are positioned to focus on their long-term American dreams.

As we continue to expand beyond Silicon Valley, we are pleased to announce the first international student fellowship program at Arizona State University, one of the largest international student populations in the country. This fellowship program, run by our own investor & advisor, Don Morrison, offers the brightest U.S educated, immigrant students an opportunity to work alongside our startups and the fund. This is our way of building talent bridges across our nation.

Our thesis is working, but our work is only beginning.

As we take our next step towards raising a larger fund and creating 100,000 American jobs, we are more determined that Unshackled is needed. Every day immigrant founders reach out to us telling us how we have inspired them. And we are seeing our focus on American values and dreams resonate with the media. Irrespective of political winds, we remain bipartisan and focused on the voices of success — from our portfolio founders and the Americans they employ.

As long as we continue to attract entrepreneurial immigrants and execute on our mission, Unshackled will continue to grow and deliver above market returns.

So, if you are a leader in business, investing, or entrepreneurship, we invite you and your friends to join us in the next step of our journey. By building a larger community of capital and resources, we can create more opportunities for immigrant founders, more jobs for Americans, and higher returns for all stakeholders.

Help us go big.

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