The problem with fact checking…

If you are one of the awake, open-eyed free thinkers that helped bring Donald J Trump into the highest office in the land, you don’t simply read an article headline and believe it without question; you “fact check”, a process of research that sadly is becoming more and more difficult to actually FIND facts, because there is just an absurd amount of cookie-cutter “fast food” news reporting blogs and articles popping up faster and in greater number than ever before…and they each seam to cater specifically to an extreme left or right biased point of view. This is great if you’re a Hillary supporter and you scroll through your newsfeed and see an article titled “Trump under investigation” (or something just horribly good like that) and you get all excited! Your point of view is validated simply by reading the title! It’s likely you’ll open the article link to read the juicy details (which seldom delivers on the headline’s promise), yet you move on and still accept it as truth in spite of no smoking gun.

The same situation applies to a Trump supporter clicking an article that promises a Hillary bombshell. You’re left no wiser but still satisfied simply by retaining and repeating the title of the article.

Many news sources are too biased to rely on for the absolute truth.

The modern world delivers information more rapidly than ever before. It is undeniably difficult to weed out the trash and find that one diamond amongst all the worthless rocks. We can no longer really trust Main Stream Media (MSM) due to how many of them are owned and manipulated by the liberal powers that be. This was overwhelmingly proven on many occasions throughout the 2016 election process.

You cannot fully trust publications by the plethora of independent news sources online — they too are falling victim to a “bought and paid for” biased agenda.

Even our teachers and leaders all have biased opinions that almost always skew the facts to lean in favor of their personal views.

It’s almost scary to know just how difficult it is to find what is real.

The keys to finding the facts and being truly informed:

  • You will need to read through a number of news sources, be it MSM or Independent and discover if the information is consistent. If it is not, chances are one or more of these sources is not being honest and you’ll have to “debunk” suspicious sources by reading any reviews of the validity of their content.
  • Unedited video and audio clips are the best kinds of facts when you’re looking to know if someone said what you’ve been told to believe they said. It’s easy to tell someone “Trump says he hates Mexicans” and hope they are one-dimensional enough to believe it. But if you want to know if it’s really legitimate, go search for iron-clad video or audio proof, because the written word can be faked all too easily. Look for videos that demonstrate fraud by comparing edited “biased” video to the real deal — you’ll learn how corrupt media outlets skew the facts to manipulate what you see and hear!
  • Read biased points of view from BOTH sides. You’ll have to be a bit of a detective and discover if both sides have any information in common — a good sign it’s a real fact.
  • Never take headline titles at face value! If it seams too good to be true…well, you know how that goes.
  • Trust your gut. It’s not science but it’s a pretty real thing. Not everyone can detect B.S, but if you can, it comes in handy when weeding through all the fiction to find a bit of reality.
  • Read books! Seriously, old school research that predates the Internet is highly valuable in growing your mind to detect modern day B.S. Read about political history and study where we have been and compare it to where we are to form your beliefs. A well equipped mind is a formidable weapon against MSM propaganda.
  • Talk with close friends. It’s simple enough, but if you do it with an open mind, you’ll be a more well-rounded individual when you soak in the beliefs and viewpoints of others — especially if they are contrary to your own. Your gut will help guide you to what you will ultimately believe as true.

If anyone has any ideas or techniques to add, chime in!