Emily’s perspective of the technical-impaired

Emily and I had a delightful time together. Unfortunately, she once again had to deal with my technological hopelessness.

Spent the last 2 hours hanging out with my mom, which was ~fun. We hit up a prime-enabled maxi dress paradise, and then YouTube cruising led us to Burl Ives’ “Marianne” and Leonard Cohen’s entire discography, navigating the stormy seas of Prime Music/YouTube/Medium.

Things I said in all seriousness and hope never to say again:

-No select the tab on the top! To the left, the far left, the OTHER left!! Not the window, the TAB!
-Good gracious, mom! (approx. 28 times)
-Yes, now just click on the song — no, no, not the name, the song!
-You just have to press down the windows key and then right or left to put that — no, not that, now it’s all — just let me.
-Ok calm down, yes, we’re playing music in two things, ok, just, just — ooooh yeah, up there on the left, no the left tab in the right window (other right) damnit mom I feel like the first mate on the freakin’ Lusitania! Just let me.
-Yeah just click on his face to play him. And then the triangle — no.
-Yeah I know it’s not playing what you just got. You clicked the wrong thing, nu?

I would be lying if I omitted that i spent most of it alternatively using my most outsized baseball parent impression, snorting through my nose with laughter, shouting like a New York cabbie’s worst nightmare, and uttering these bemusing and inexplicable deictic-heavy directions.

But I was able to redeem myself the next day when I was able to find RuPaul’s Drag Race on-line as Netfliks no longer has the series.

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