In the beginning, time stood still.

And then, the breath that kept my heart pumping, vanished.

The smile you flashed at me, took it all away.

I couldn’t breathe.

Your eyes captivated me into submission.

I was at a lose for words.

Something inside told me to hold on. And yet, I found my fingers letting go.

I watched you leap and play, with so much joy.

It brought a tear to my eye.

The realization left me with sadness, that I couldn’t cage you and keep you close.

I needed to left you free and watch you from afar.

You came to me and sat before my feet, with wonder in your eyes.

I smiled at you and touched your cheek.

“I love you,” my eyes whispered.

I love you too, I heard your heart shout.

Watching you leave left me with a bitter sweet taste that I couldn’t spit out.

It’ll be okay. I know you will return….

My sweet prince.

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