It prefers to sit on my shoulder whenever I’m not at home. It also sits on my lap when I’m in a chair. I find it following me when I’m walking about. At night it smiles at me from the corner. During the day, it whispers into my ear.

I hear it’s sweet poison, telling me white lies and trickery. But I know the truth. I know better. Yet, I find myself questioning it’s words.

At first, it was only one. Then one became three and three became five. Then five became eight. They all sit on shoulders now. Talking all at once. Screaming into my ears.

Their words are nasty. They cause me pain and sorrow. I wish for them to leave me alone I and even manage to get a few off from time to time. But before I realize it, they’re all back upon my shoulder like the dark parrots, they are.

Each one has a different name…








And Lazy.

I bare these burdens everywhere I go. I listen to their lies… feel their words weighing me down…

I am tired.. I need to sleep..

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