. Hi My ❤’s, hope everyone’s having a great, peaceful and productive day thus far! I’m currently under the dryer at the salon and while strolling through Instagram I came across this quote! Let’s Discuss…

. I Wholeheartedly believe in friendships! I believe in two people loving one another and supporting them with only the purist intentions! I’ve always believed that you can’t be friends with anybody who either wants your life or is very judgmental toward life period. Those are the people you keep away from.

. With any relationship, especially friendship there has to be an underlying trust factor. Two people should trust eachother enough to want to include them in their lives from all aspects. But, if there’s any area of insecurities on either person the friendship then becomes a competition. This is especially true with female friendships!!! And, I feel it’s so unfortunate but it is the reality of how things can be.

. My mother always taught me to be an individual. I live a very blessed life and I’ll be the first to admit that yes I’m spoiled compared to other twenty-five year old young women. But, don’t get it twisted I bust my ass daily between work,school and everything on my plate. I’ve always taken pride in my education especially as I prepare for my career. Over the years however I’ve been “way too nice” to people who didn’t have my best interest at heart. When it came to females, they judged me based on what I have and not who I am. For some reason they always measured themselves to me in some way. I never honestly paid it much attention because I’m never going to change who I am because of someone else’s perception of me or I should be. And you shouldn’t either Ladies!!

I say all this to say that all we as young women should be supportive of one another. What looks good and glittery on the outside comes with a price trust me!! No one should spend there time trying to get where the next person is or seems to be. That’s envy, jealousy and malice! Which, no friendship should be based on. I remember when I turned twenty-one my older godsister Shaneera told me something that I hold sacred forever! She said to me “Ky pay attention to the company you keep, your going to have people in your life at different points of your life and by the time you turn twenty- five and look around, out of people you started with only maybe three will be a constant in your life”. And I have to say she was absolutely right! I can count on my hands who I know I can genuinely count on no matter what. These are young women who are so emerged in their own lives that we catch up when we reunite with so much pride and joy for one another. These young women are the ones who know Kyana and still love me the same. We’re so busy competing with ourselves to be better versions of ourselves that there’s no space to compete with eachother.

. I’ve realized that I’ve become a very private person over the past year due to the lessons I learned. So, I don’t share everything I have going on or every happy/ sad moment that goes on in my life with everyone. I’ve even been a lot more private on social media. Which was a personal/ business decision based on the goals I’ve set for myself this year.

. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s honestly ok with me at this point of my life. But, I know that I was raised in love, it’s embedded in me. I’m blessed with so much that money can’t buy and most of all I’m secure with who I am. It took a long time to get to this space but I learned that I have to pay attention to who I allow in my space. I’m blessed and grateful for the genuine people I have in my life. I have an amazing family!! I have genuine friends who truly want the best for me always! My female friends are all beautiful young women, who are busting there asses to get to where they want to be in their lives! In their personal and professional lives they are striving for greatness daily. But most of all I’m able to learn something from one of them and celebrate their greatness without doubting my own!

. Moral of the story is, ladies be confident in your own skin,secure in what you want out of life and bust your ass daily to get one step closer to the securities life offers that money could never buy!! As friends support and encourage one another, make sure each person knows your genuinely there for them while still living your life! Don’t judge and never assume that you know everything!! Never Ever Compete with someone who considers you their friend because as time goes on issues will surface, secure your own bag and protect your space!!

. XOXO, Kyana M.

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