I Nolonger Believe In The Term “Bestfriends”

. All my life I’ve believed that those I let into my life and held sacred felt the same way about me. I’ve always been a welcoming and nice person, maybe too damn nice. I didn’t really start to develop “tough skin” until over the past year and a half. Nothing in particular happened except life you know. I started to realize not everyone deserved to be treated good if I’m not being treated well.

. But, now at 25 it’s different. I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as bestfriends, instead everyone has a core group of people in their lie they can depend on. These are the people that no matter what life throws your way they will be standing by your side solid as a rock. Will life happen within these friendships, yes of course but the difference is that they will allow life to happen and then allow love and loyalty to help put the pieces back together.

. As young adults it’s A Blessing to find people you can count on through thick and thin. It’s an honor to have people you never have to question. Unfortunately these people come in a form not of “bestfriends” but even better the come in the form of “best people”. I am blessed to have a core of people who no matter what life hands us, we figure it out as young adults,allow life to happen and above all we never have to question where we stand or how we stand!

. My best advice to you my ❤️’s is stop looking for “bestfriends” and pay attention to the core of people that make it their business to help you see why your life is worth living. And never lose sight of those people because life will happen but it will never be so bad that they’ll lose sight of you!

. Xoxo, Kyana M.

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