Election 2016: What Just Happened?

A panel of political scientists discusses the outcome of the election.

Two days after the election, a panel of Penn political scientists gathered before a standing-room-only crowd to discuss the outcome. The event, part of the School’s Knowledge by the Slice lecture series, was moderated by Eileen Doherty-Sil, associate director of the undergraduate program and adjunct associate professor in the political science department. Her research focuses on human rights, international NGOs, and international development. We’ve brought you some of the highlights.

Segments of panelist’s presentations below:

Brielle Harbin — Postdoctoral Fellow, Political Science. Harbin specializes in American and comparative politics, with research interests including political behavior, partisanship, moral psychology, public opinion, and political psychology. Here, she examines the role of race in the election.

Marc Meredith — Associate Professor of Political Science and Undergraduate Chair of the Department. Meredith’s research examines the political economy of American elections, with a particular focus on the application of causal inference methods. Here, he discusses voter turnout and distribution.

Daniel Hopkins — Associate Professor, Political Science. Hopkins studies American politics, with a special emphasis on racial and ethnic politics, local politics, political behavior, and research methods. Here, he analyzes election prediction models and issue voting.

Matthew Levendusky — Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department’s Graduate Group. Levendusky’s research focuses on understanding how institutions and elites influence the political behavior of ordinary citizens. Here, he discusses partisan divisions and exit polling.

Click here to watch the entire event, which includes an audience Q&A.

Originally published in Penn Arts & Sciences’ OMNIA Magazine.

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