Girl Power:

AppCow’s part in encouraging women in tech.

A 2013 study done by the American Association of University Women shows that just 26 percent of computing jobs in the US are held by women. You’re probably thinking “Wow that’s low.” And you’re right. Encouraging women to pursue careers in technology is a difficult task. It’s not a lack of talent but a lack of interest that keeps women from these jobs. It’s hard to get young women excited about technology and confident enough in their abilities to want jobs in the tech industry because it’s such a male dominated field. And that’s where Technica comes in.

Technica is an all women’s hackathon that took place on November 7 at the University of Maryland. What, might you ask, is a hackathon? It’s an event where students create and code programs for 24 hours and compete against each other to win prizes. Technica was an opportunity for women of every skill level to learn, improve, and have fun. AppCow proudly helped sponsor the event, and Co-Founder Charlie Hulcher mentored participants as they created their programs.

The event was a huge success, which was expected because where else can you learn to code in three different languages and bake cupcakes all in one night?

“We have to do our part to get women into the tech industry. Women aren’t adequately represented and approach problems in the industry with a fresh perspective, so right now as an industry we’re not as productive as we could be.” -Charlie Hulcher
Photo taken by Jenny Hottle

AppCow wants to find individuals interested in working or interning for the company, and Technica was a perfect opportunity to check out untapped talent.

If you’re interested in joining the AppCow team reach out to us at:

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