Who’s Hot | The UpNext Week of 10/1–10/8

We like fun sh*t. So we decided to make a game of finding the future stars in the music industry.

How it works: Every users runs their own virtual record label. You sign up-and-coming artists to your virtual label, and compete with other labels based on your artists’ streaming, social, and concert data metrics. In this fantasy sports-like model, users that have refined their arm-chair A&R skills will quickly rise above those not fluent in internet clout culture.

UpNext Artist Score™ v1.0.1 graphic last updated 10/05/18

Our UpNext Artist Score™ v1.0.1 measures the popularity of new & emerging artists by combining streaming, social media, and live concert data. Using this score we can calculate overall popularity, proximity to mainstream status, and weekly trend/score change.

Who’s Hot UpNext Tier 1

UpNext Tier 1 artists are established artist’s that are on the brink of mainstream status.

Roddy Ricch -> Summer Walker -> Sheck Wes -> Q Money -> Pardison Fontaine

Who’s Hot UpNext Tier 2

UpNext Tier 2 artists are promising talent that have built a small but engaged following.

Social House -> Forrest. -> Hablot Brown -> Tyla Yaweh -> Sad Frosty

Who’s Hot UpNext Tier 3

UpNext Tier 3 artists are undiscovered, under-the-radar talent.

RecessB. Aull -> Fake Laugh -> FXXXXY -> FHAT

Please note that we are only capable of scoring artists that have been added to our database. Currently there are about 1.2 Million artists who have been added.

If you want to see more artists on this list, you may have to add them yourself: Home Page → About → Add Artist.

If you want to see more artist’s that are rising in real-time check out our Who’s Hot page.

If you want access to our full scope of artist data, hit us up! info@theupnext.com

— UpNext Gang 🚀



Gamified Music Discovery & Analytics

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