10 Chicago Instagrammers You Need To Follow

By Benita Gingerella

Instagram has become one of the most popular mediums to share photos and video. While most use the platform for fun, some photographers and phone wizards have taken to social media to share true works of art. These Chicago Instagrammers are taking more than just selfies, and they offer some stunning perspectives on this beautiful city.

1. @Swopes / Elise Swopes

A graphic design student at Columbia College Chicago, Elise Swopes, magically transforms her images of Chicago into unique works of art and she does it all on her iPhone. Whether it be adding a waterfall in the place of Lake Michigan or placing a giraffe in the streets of the city, one never knows what to expect.

2. @johnsonluii / Johnson Lui

Johnson Lui’s Instagram is a mix of street photography as well as stunning portraits taken from around Chicago and the various places he’s traveled. He incorporates cityscapes, bridges, buildings, urban fashion, and portraits of everyone from average pedestrians to edgy models.

3. @hip_hipster_ray / Steve Kuzminski

Steve Kuzminski, or @hip_hipster_ray as he’s known on Instagram, is a Chicago-based photographer who experiments with long exposure photography. Common subjects in his Instagram include the city skyline and the “L”.

4. @nathanmichael / Nathan Michael

A professional photographer and designer, Nathan Michael captures intriguing images from his day-to-day interactions as well as beautiful still life photos. The creative composition is very geometric, and his heavily stylized shots of food, drink, and fashion are always on point.

5. @weinanddine / Emily Weinstein

A must follow for Chicago foodies, Emily Weinstein of @weinanddine documents her culinary adventures around the city. She visits some of the city’s hottest restaurants and cafes, documenting every delicious bite. Your mouth will be watering after viewing her feed (no pun intended).

6. @gugmi01 / Mike Gugliuzza

Mike Gugliuzza spent two months traveling to each of Chicago’s neighborhoods and documenting them. His Instagram serves as an outlet to share his portraits of the people and things that he saw. It’s a very inspirational photoset and every shot feels super authentic.

7. @chicagoculturecouple

@chicagoculturecouple has dedicated their Instagram to photographing various street art found around the city as well as unique pieces found at different galleries. These guys are on top of it when it comes to all things artistic — trolling small shows and museum exhibitions, featuring everything from murals, random installations, and graffiti.

8. @nealkumar / Neal Kumar

Neal Kumar is a dermatologist and hobbyist photographer. His photos focus on Chicago architecture and although they look like they were shot on a DSLR, they are all taken from his iPhone.

9. @timelapsechicago / Craig Shimala

Time-lapse Chicago is run by Craig Shimala, the Creative Director at Threadless t-shirt company. When not working, Craig is out taking impressive time lapses of various parts of Chicago. The videos are always vibrant, super fun and wildly creative.

10. @jasonmpeterson / Jason Peterson

Jason M. Peterson has perfected the art of black and white photography. It’s hard to believe that all of his striking images are shot entirely on his iPhone, his photos beautifully document the city and its inhabitants.

Originally posted on UpOut.com/Chicago