These Then-and-Now Comparison Photos of Chicago Are Incredible

By Natalie Kelly

Chicago is an old city that has gone through many phases throughout the years. The blog Calumet 412 collects photographs of Chicago at all stages, giving any history when possible.

Some of the most interesting posts have to be the comparisons of old photographs to their current day locations. Some of the locations could not look more different, while others retain some of their original characteristics. Check out some of the best then-and-now comparisons, and see what some of the streets you walk on now looked like over one hundred years ago.

Forrestville Ave north of 48th, 1908

Muskegon and 80th, 1909

St. Paul’s Universalist Church, Wabash and Van Buren, 1857

Calumet Ave south from 26th, 1910

Clark south from Madison, 1909

State St north from Adams, 1890

The House of Glunz Wine and Spirits, Wells and Division, 1888

Wabash south of Monroe, 1889

The Central Park Theater, 3535 W Roosevelt, 1917

State St south from Chicago Ave, 1889

The Broadway Strand Theater, 1641 Roosevelt, 1921

43rd St east from Calumet Ave, 1908

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