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All rankings via coinmarketcap are accurate at the time of writing. The purpose of this article is a data driven and factually based report illustrating coinmarketcap’s new methodology for ranking the “top 200” projects. The report starts with the lowest ranked projects and works up to the top rated projects. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or the patience to sort through all 2,319 project rankings.

This article’s focus is primarily coinmarketcap’s exchange listing requirements and does not venture into an attempt to decode their overall (proprietary) methodology. I am a human and encourage you, the reader, to point out any discrepancies in this report.

The article will be broken down into five parts. Part one focuses on CMC ranked projects from #2319–1114. Part two zooms in on CMC projects ranked #1114–500. Part three will focus on projects ranked #500- 200. Part four will discuss coinmarketcap’s Top 200 ranked projects. The fifth will reflect upon what we have learned and point out inconsistencies in CMC’s ranking system. The five articles will be complied into one article upon completion with opinions formed from the information gathered. These opinions will be clearly indicated and separate from the data driven portion of the report.

The blue question mark mentioned in this report refers to figure 1. For a list of coinmarketcap’s DATA compliant exchange see figure 2. The exchange listing requirements are straight from coinmarketcap’s website, see figure 3. Coinmarketcap will also be referred to as “CMC” in this report.

Figure 1: CMC blue question mark. In context of this article referred to as the blue question mark

Part 1 (#2319–1114)

Coinmarketcap ranked projects #2319–1933 are all disqualified because their market cap cannot be calculated and are not in compliance with coinmarketcap’s exchange requirements (see figure #2). The projects tagged below have the blue question mark (see figure #1). The rest should have the blue question mark according to CMC’s methodology, but do not.

Of the 386 projects in this range (#2319–1933) only 15 carry the blue check mark showing they are excluded from the top 200.

Coinmarketcap ranked projects #1932–1189 are all disqualified from the top 200 due to CMC’s exchange requirements (see figure 3). They do not meet the exchange requirements but also do not have the blue question mark identifying them as such. That is 743 projects from this range. Add the 386 from the previous range for a total of 1129 projects that are not eligible for top 200 status with only 15 identified by the blue question mark.

Coinmarketcap listed projects #1188–1115 are all disqualified and have the blue question mark indicating they do not qualify for top 200. They are listed below:

At this point we have 1202 projects that do not qualify for a top 200 spot and only 88 are identified by the blue question mark.

Coinmarketcap listed projects after #1114 seem to be where the blue question marks end even though the majority of the remaining projects do not meet the exchange requirement.

Figure 2: list of coinmarketcap DATA partner exchanges
Figure 3 requirements per coinmarketcap

This portion of the report was compiled on Monday August 19th, 2019

(Part two finished. Part three soon)

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