FIRST SES and the season is under way!!

What can we say about the first round on the SES expect for AWESOME steepness!!! Round 1 saw Simon and Kenny heading upto Dunkeld to take on the challenge of Dunkeld.

Practise saw Dave and Greg heading up for a bit moral support and ride the practice day, with family commitments ruling them out of the race! Both men left gutted, Greg with seriously sore ribs after a tumble on stage 1 and Dave gutted he couldn’t attend the race as in his words it looked awesome!!

The real men crawled out of bed on Sunday morning nursing bruises, cuts and a mild concussion for Simon 🙈 fired on the awesome Remap Race Tops and started the huge ascent to the start of stage 1!!! A gruelling steep and technical stage which would either make you grin from ear to ear or cry like a baby!!

Stage 2 was much the same with a revised line from practise and sooo much fun to be had! Both men at this point were in the swing of it and I’m told were having a ball (slight exaggeration) they were smiling though.

Then onto the gloop of stage 3 which ended the nightmare on this side of the hill!!!

4 and 5 were and I quote “ bloody awesome and fast” a great couple of stages set out by Taj from Flotec Suspension!

Kenduro and Simon are now licking their wounds in preparation for Vallelujah in two weeks time, where the full team will be together for the first time this year!!

Bring it on, race season is here, I’m off to start training 🙈

Well done to everyone that rode Dunkeld and survived a great event setup by the No Fuss Team!!! Here’s hoping Fort Bill is much the same, with less mud hopefully 🤘🏻

Special thanks to Remap Clothing, Singletrack Bikes and Arragon Cycles!!!

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