Uptherium: All in One Crypto App Hub to Enable Efficiency in Both Spending and Earning Crypto

By: Jinia Shawdagor

As of 2018, statista reported that there are over 28 billion Blockchain wallets. This clearly shows just how cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. Thanks to the many cryptocurrencies and exchanges available out there, crypto enthusiasts can now travel, spend, and earn cryptocurrencies almost anywhere from their Blockchain wallets. However, there is a catch.

Unless you have access to a reliable exchange with support for the most useful cryptocurrencies and a superb customer care, spending or earning crypto can be a little tricky. In fact, even having the most popular crypto assets is not enough.

There are just too many unreliable and unsecure crypto apps and exchanges. For instance, reports indicate over 980,000 Bitcoins have so far been stolen from exchanges. Other reports indicate that over 50 percent of exchanges and crypto apps are unsecure. Additionally, even the most secure exchanges and crypto app resources have failed to entice crypto enthusiasts as they have no significant rewards yet that makes mad profits from stored tokens on their platforms. Furthermore, the issue of high transaction costs and increasing network congestion especially with top crypto assets is something we cannot avoid.

Is there a solution? Well, Uptherium certainly thinks there is.

What is Uptherium

If you are a crypto enthusiast, then the thought of living in a cashless system must have crossed your mind already. Imagine getting all in one access to a hub of all of your crypto apps, while being able to manage your portfolio from your phone, not to mention easy spending in your day to day life. That would certainly be a dream come true for many and this is what Uptherium is all about. Basically, Uptherium is a super hub of crypto apps that requires one registration for access to an entire ecosystem of apps that enable you to trade on the market like a pro, spend your earnings and even manage your crypto so that everything is on track. Currently the Uptherium ecosystem consists of 5 apps: Joobra.com. MyTokenSwap, UptherimPay, Ryze Alerts, and the UPZ Token.

How does it work?

Well, to begin with, all the apps on the Uptherium platform are built on top of a custom Blockchain thats ERC20 compatible using the native UPZ token to fuel all transactions in the ecosystem. As a result, all revenue made from transactional fees are split among the members through a proof of stake splitting system. Plus, every Blockchain app on Uptherium is built for speed, efficiency, affordability and to reward. Uptherium is able to solve the issue of high transactional costs for crypto spenders while giving members a chance to earn from crypto. Uptherium gives a great deal of focus to the revenue growing capacity of the apps in its ecosystem as it’s built on revenue sharing with the community.

Team behind the app hub

To bring the vision to fruition, the Uptherium team comprises of 8 members. Firstly, William Francis, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Uptherium, has over 8 years of experience as a certified project manager. He is also a business management expert with a Bachelor of Science in management. Also in the team is Artem Zaitse (Blockchain Architect) who has 8 years of experience as a developer with involvements in 5 Blockchain projects that have been successful. Other members include Elena Derymova (developer), Sergi Shendenkov (Mobile Developer), Sophia Dagnon (marketing advisor), and Richard Devlin ( Legal Counsel), Prateek Singhania (Blockchain Expert)who are all advisors to the project.

The Crowdsale

The membership crowdsale for Uptherium kicked off on October 22, 2018. Interested participants now have a chance to engage with the platform as pioneer users and supporters. There are different options for memberships that allow users to earn substantial crypto rewards from the start. In fact, the Uptherium team, with a current focus on Europe, South America and Asia Pacific, is increasing its community building focused on activities in an effort to enable awareness and increase engagement around the project daily.