15 Apps That Will Save You Time & Automate Your Life

Unconventional & Underrated Web, Desktop, and iOS Solutions

The world 10 years ago was a very different place from the world today. It is no longer a question of if you will engage tech, but how you will engage tech. Here are 15 apps that will help you stay focused and productive, whether at home or at the office.

Web Apps:

1. Workflowy

Lists, project management, to-dos (Premium $5/mo)

Despite making headlines in their early days, this is one of the most underrated apps we love. We’ve spent months trying almost every project management and listmaking app on the market –– from Asana, to Basecamp, to Trello, to Todoist, and Wunderlist –– and none of them clicked. Workflowy allows you to share/collaborate in teams, jot down your errands, or map out a blog post.

2. 1Password

Save passwords you (and only you) can access anywhere (Pro $49.99)

1Password is one of those apps we couldn’t imagine living without. Every day we’re signing up for new services and creating new passwords to remember. Use this app so that you never have to click “Forget password” again.

3. Pocket

Save articles to read for later (Free)

Pocket seamlessly syncs between your computer and phone so that you can save that you can save all of the pet videos and click-bait articles to view after work. We use this frequently.

4. Grammarly

Real-time dictionary and grammar checker (Free)

Whether you’re writing a blog post or crafting the perfect tweet, spelling and grammar mistakes can seem like the end of the world. Save face by using this quick and easy Chrome extension.

Desktop Apps:

5. Evernote

Note-taking, archiving, and organizing (Premium $5/mo)

Evernote is the perfect tool to keep your life organized. Whether you want to write a novel, send yourself reminders to pay bills, save pictures of your kids’ drawings, or take notes during lecture, this is the right app for you. The best part? Evernote’s advanced search can even find keywords in handwritten notes, PDFs, and tags.

6. BetterSnapTool

Window/screen management ($2.99)

Utilize every square inch of your computer screen with BetterSnap. This app allows you to assign hotkey commands to windows so that they snap to whatever side or corner you want. We highly recommend trying this one out.

7. Unibox

Email client that sorts inbox by people ($15.99)

Most email clients sort your inbox by threads, which is confusing and counterintuitive. Unibox sorts your emails by contact so that you don’t have to search for subject headings to find what you need.

8. Alfred

Manage your whole computer with hotkeys (Powerpack £17.00)

We use Alfred to send Tweets, search for computer files, launch apps, and more –– straight from the keyboard. Alfred requires a little bit of setup, but is essential for anyone who’s serious about saving time and increasing productivity.

9. Sunrise

Beautiful calendar (Free)

Sunrise can import all of your calendars into one clean interface. The iOS app will even let you make your calendar an alternative keyboard, so you can create meetings on the fly.

10. Dropbox

Cloud storage (Pro $9.99 /mo)

We’ve all heard stories of computers crashing, causing people to lose hours of work and years of photos. Don’t be that guy: store everything in Dropbox.

iOS Apps:

11. Unroll.me

Automatically clean and consolidate email inbox (Free)

If you’re like us, you’ve probably subscribed to way more newsletters and mailing lists then you’d like to admit. Unroll.me will automatically unsubscribe you from any unwanted senders, and roll up any future mass-emails into one daily message.

12. Scannable

Scan documents, whiteboards, or notes into PDFs (Free)

For those that don’t want to commit to Evernote, we highly suggest getting Scannable. This app lets you scan receipts, whiteboards, and documents into high-quality PDFs on your phone. Save or send your scans in seconds –– no more Xerox.

13. Scribd

Netflix for Books (Premium $8.99)

We’re all familiar with the phrase “binge-watch.” But what about “binge-read”? Scribd lets you do just that. Whether you want to read a Skittle’s brand standard, listen to an audiobook, or read a whole series, this is the app for you.

14. Overcast

Smart podcast player (Free)

We find that consuming digital media via podcasts can be both entertaining and educational. Overcast is a better version of whatever podcast player comes on your phone: it allows you to slow or speed up audio, skip 30 seconds ahead (to skip ads), and save your favorites.

15. Way of Life

Track habits and goals with data visualization (Premium $3.99)

Do you have any habits you wish you could break? Have you tried to start new habits but failed? Way of Life is the quintessential tool to help you meet your goals and view your progress –– both personally and professionally.

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