How Every Penn State Student Should Spend Spring Break

Break is coming!


Break out the shorts and call the gang, it freaking spring break! Okay maybe not just yet, but it is time to get our plans together. Here a list of awesome ways that you can spend those precious days off.

The Beach


Nothing says spring break like a good old fashion trip to beach. Drinks, parties, and sun what more can you want. A great place to check out when trying to stay state side is Miami, Florida. It is the closest beach to Penn State that is not covered in snow. So, you can save a buck or two on air fair in favor of spending it on the clubs and the killer night life that Miami has to offer. However, for you more spend thrift folk, a trip to Cancun, Mexico can never be a bad choice. With crystal clear waters and a drinking age of 18 there is enough to be had for all.



For you more adventurous students who are just not content with the typical beach trip then, backpacking is for you. Whether it be traveling the Cinque Terre in Italy or just knocking out a chunk of Penn State’s wonderful Rothrock State Forest, there is so much to be explored. Anyone who has gone back packing before can tell you that the sites you see are unforgettable as are the savings. You won’t have to spend a dime on high cost hotels; instead you get to enjoy the company of other travelers like yourself in worlds awesome network of hostels. These small inn’s provide travelers with accommodations for a nights stay and just add to the whole experience that your backpacking friends are always touting about.

The City


Don’t want to get go all the way off the grid, but still want to have an epic trip? Picking a random city to visit is not a bad option for curious travelers like yourself. Grab a group of friends and cram as many of you as possible in a hotel and hit the town. Being smack dab in the middle of the east coast has its perks some times. You can choose from Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, and more. Once you are there forget the travel guides, the google reviews, and recommendations by hundreds of “locals” just get out there and explore. Although (ignoring my prior advice), if you are in Philadelphia and happen to pass by The Village Whiskey, go in and get yourself a burger. Don’t question, just do it. The duck fat fries are a must.



Pop on the Netflix and grab the snack this going to be a good week. After a long first half to the semester sometimes it is just nice to come home. You get to spend a whole week with your dog, and your family, but mostly your dog. Even better so, you finally have a chance to catch up with all of your old friends who you last shared a laugh with months ago. It may not be the liveliest of breaks, but let’s be real your liver is thanking you.

State College


For some State College is home or for some they just happen to be stranded in State College for the week. Regardless of your reason, here are 5 things to do when sticking around!

  1. Go snowboarding when Tussy Mountain is empty
  2. Visit a store you have never seen before. (Ally Cat Music is a favorite)
  3. Go to bars while there is no line for once
  4. Finally get to reading that book
  5. Binge watch Netflix like it is your job

However, I am sure you can come up with some mischief of your own once you have the place to yourself.

Well that all we have for you, enjoy your weekend!

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