The Upfiring Dapp — Community expansion initiative started, official forum and Discord launched, Upfiring added to Blockfolio Signal Beta, smart contracts deployed

This is a very brief update about the new communities we’ve launched today and the status of the project.

New Communities: Official Forum and Discord

First, the official Upfiring Forum and Discord groups have launched. Join them here:

Blockfolio Signal Beta

We’ve also been added to Blockfolio Signal Beta, expanding our reach to everyone who uses Blockfolio to track the price of UFR. We plan to provide important development updates through Signal and work with the Blockfolio team as they expand Signal out of beta. Only ~100 projects have been approved and added to Signal so far and we are excited to be one of them.

Smart contracts live, Dapp testing on mainnet

Finally: the Upfiring application’s smart contracts have been deployed and are now being actively tested live on mainnet. We are in the process of making several small tweaks to the application before launch, but are pleased to report that everything has been running smoothly in terms of the main functionality of the dapp. We hope to be providing you with an official launch date shortly — once we are sure that there are no loose ends on our side. Join our communities and stay up to date with the latest updates!

If you have any further questions about the project, feel free to post on our community pages or send us an email at Come join us over on Reddit, Bitcointalk and Twitter as we continue our mission to change the future of P2P file-sharing.