Travel is such a broad term, it is difficult to get caught up in other people’s ideas of travel. Especially as there is so much information readily available.

So, What Does Travel Look Like For You?

I think to answer that question properly, you need to ask yourself some other questions first…

What is my current financial situation?

Your current financial situation will determine the kind of travel you can do and for how long you can sustain it.

Do you have money that can sustain work free travel?

Do you have plentiful amounts of time but limited finances? You might have to factor in work into your trip.

Be smart about this. If you can freelance online you will be able to get a much more bang for your buck than if you pick up local bar work for example. Though you might not have as much fun.

How much freedom of time do I have?

Do you have a 9–5 job that only permits you taking limited time off?

Are you unemployed or a student with lots of time to kill?

What is my current romantic and social relationship situation?

Do you have a partner or children that you need to factor into your travel plans?

Do you have friends with similar interests that have similar schedules? Could you go together?

What do I want from a trip?



Or perhaps a relaxing beach experience?

Example 1

Family of 4. Parents are teachers and want to take the kids to Asia for a summer long cultural teaching experience.

Example 2

Student couple who want to have a year/summer away. Want to travel through South America, picking up bar work to get them from place to place and go on recommendations of people they met in their last destination.

Example 3

Group of girls that want to take 2 weeks off from their jobs to go relax on a beach in the Caribbean.

You can see now that your own version of ‘Travel’ is very individual and therefore depends on you knowing yourself and your desires more than anything.

Be careful of others projecting their versions and ideas of travel onto you. By all means, take inspiration from others and take recommendations if they apply to you.

Just don’t go galavanting up Everest just because you saw a picture of someone who did.

Make travel individual.

“Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind.”

— Seneca

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