Following the publication of the government’s Climate Action Plan, Uplift members were surveyed on their opinions and attitudes to the climate emergency — nearly 3000 people across Ireland took the survey — and here is a look at the results.

Record-breaking floods. Deadly heatwaves. Billions of euros of crops destroyed by storms — people in Ireland are worried about what’s happening in the world and about what it’s going to take to tackle the climate crisis before it’s too late.

This is evident by 93% of respondents answering that they are very concerned about climate change:

How concerned are you…


The last changes made to the current sex and relationship curriculum in Ireland took place in 1999. Since this time, the population has increased by over 1 million people, four Taoiseach’s have been in power, social media was invented and the school population has increased to its highest numbers since the late 80’s baby boom.

Fundamentally, Ireland is a very different country to what it was 20 years ago. We’ve had two referendums that have clearly shown that people in Ireland support positive progressive change — yet the curriculum around sex and relationships has stayed in the 20th century.


Here’s a round-up of just some of what’s been going on over the past few months at Uplift, and what Uplift member have helped make happen:

So, make yourself a cup of tea, relax and enjoy the read. It’s very uplifting!

We launched our new website!

Thanks to donations and support from hundreds of members our website has been relaunched with a great new design that should make it easier for members to use and see all the work our people-powered community is up to.

Uplift is supporting people-powered campaigning in Northern Ireland

Since Uplift started nearly 5 years ago…

Our people powered submission to the Northern Ireland Dept of Economy re the application for an exploratory fracking license in Co Fermanagh

1,500 Uplift members participated in creating this submission.

Fracking has been banned in most parts of Ireland and the proposal to allow exploratory drilling in Fermanagh is harmful and damaging for people, wildlife, the local economy, agriculture and the environment.

Our community has identified a number of concerns in relation to fracking and underpin our strong opposition to issuing a licence to Tamboran to commence exploration for shale gas.

Fracking causes contamination of water sources

97% of people who participated in this submission process…

This is an opinion article written by William Hederman who was commissioned by Uplift in the Spring of 2019 to investigate some of the concerns about 5G.

Fifth-generation — or 5G — mobile phone technology is on the way, with the promise of a brave new world of ultra-high speed internet access, smart cities and an ‘Internet of Things’. But search for 5G online and you’ll find frightening warnings about dangers to human health.

Here in Ireland, the mainstream media has mostly ignored the issue, and the story has gone viral on social media. There are about 20 Irish anti-5G…

Uplift members have been leading campaigns and making waves all over Ireland. From increasing newborn screening from eight conditions to forty to saving the Clare Bus to calling for action on the Climate Emergency Bill. Uplift members around the island are upskilling and collectively utilising their resources to mobilise, from independent to community-led action, leading to people-powered change.

One campaign in particular that caught our attention was from the residents of Shankill village. The community mobilised to challenge to the National Transport Association (NTA) and BusConnect proposal of route 13 bus which would cut through Shankill village.

Cllr. Jim Gildea, Pola Finegan (Residents Association), John Brady (Shankill Traders/ Brady’s Pub Owner), Fr. John O’Connor (St. Annes Parish), Rob Cumiskey (Save Shankill Village Group)

The 3000 people…

In March 2019 Uplift members helped create a people powered submission on the establishment of an Electoral Commission. You can read it here and if you’d like to get in contact about it just email

Uplift members have been campaigning in areas related to democracy, voting rights and electoral reform since our foundation in December 2014. We’ve worked primarily in the areas of gaining voting rights for Irish citizens overseas, regulating political advertising, addressing the dangers of digital disinformation aka ‘fake news’.

Uplift is a member of The Coalition for Civil Society Freedom working to influence public policy for…

Brexit and the possibility of a resurrected border loom over us like a hammer ready to crush our fragile peace — and we aren’t prepared for the consequences, writes Emily Duffy, Deputy Director of Uplift

DESPITE GROWING UP just 10 minutes’ drive from the border with Northern Ireland, I never felt its influence on my life in any major way.

As a millennial kid growing up in Monaghan, my big concerns were the same as most other teenagers in a hopeful ‘Celtic Tiger’ Ireland.

Unlike my folks, I could expect to go to college, get a decent job and travel…

This is a special message from Seán Binder — a trained search & rescue first responder who was imprisoned in Greece in 2018 for offering humanitarian assistance to refugees in danger of losing their lives. [1]


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