We’ve Been Busy

Oct 3 · 5 min read

Here’s a round-up of just some of what’s been going on over the past few months at Uplift, and what Uplift member have helped make happen:

So, make yourself a cup of tea, relax and enjoy the read. It’s very uplifting!

We launched our new website!

Thanks to donations and support from hundreds of members our website has been relaunched with a great new design that should make it easier for members to use and see all the work our people-powered community is up to.

Uplift is supporting people-powered campaigning in Northern Ireland

Since Uplift started nearly 5 years ago we’ve always been committed to supporting people-powered campaigning in Northern Ireland. We are happy to share the news with you that soon we’ll have a campaigner based in Northern Ireland — and have agreed a partnership with our sister organisation in the UK called 38 Degrees to support people-powered campaigning there. At a time where the uncertainty of Brexit looms over us, building a strong people-powered campaigning community in Northern Ireland is more important than ever.

Our Baby Trump Blimp made headlines

When Donald Trump’s trip to Ireland was confirmed Uplift members jumped into action. The Trump Blimp babysitters agreed to let us borrow it and Uplift member Tasha from Dundalk flew to London to collect it and bring it to Dublin just in time for the protest. After a nail-biting few days, permission was finally secured to fly it in Dublin, hours before the event. Together we managed to get our message of solidarity with people and communities suffering because of his racist and hateful politics shared across major media outlets including RTE and the BBC. [1]

Uplift is Standing Up For Democracy

Over fifty new laws are being blocked in the Dáil right now because of the misuse of a tool called a ‘money message’. The laws blocked include lots of the campaigns we’re all working on together — from banning fossil fuel exploration to reuniting the families of refugees. The money message is a rule that allows the government to overrule bills introduced by politicians who aren’t in the Government because of ‘financial implications’. But the government is abusing the rule — by smacking a Money Message on almost every new law that comes from outside the Government. Now Uplift members have chipped in for an investigation to gather evidence into exactly how the money message is being abused so that we can campaign to stop it being abused. [2]

Uplift is taking on Climate change — and politicians’ spin

During the summer the government launched their Climate Action Plan — despite the hype, Uplift members weren’t convinced. A survey was launched and we responded in our thousands about the plan and on what Uplift members should do next. Members voted on what specifically our community will prioritise.

The top priorities were -

  1. making sure corporate power and big business pay their fair share ie CO2 tax on business instead of consumers.
  2. Ending the drilling for dirty fuels like gas and oil off Irish coast were the top priorities voted — along with ensuring poorer communities and people are not unfairly affected by the actions proposed in the plan.

Uplift members are getting to the truth about the impact of the EU-Mercosur Trade Deal

The EU-Mercosur trade deal is causing huge controversy and we’ve come up with a plan to keep the pressure on the Irish government not to support it. Independent think tank TASC has agreed to carry out a study into the true costs of the deal. Already members have chipped in €1,932 towards the research costs. Another €1,000 is needed — and I’m pretty sure we’ll get there before the research is complete.

Uplift members are taking on digital distortion otherwise known as ‘fake news’

Have you ever found yourself sharing or reacting to something on social media and then realising that it's made up? The spread of information designed to mislead, spread lies and create confusion is a growing problem for us all. Now Uplift members will have the chance to learn how to spot ‘fake news’ as well as how to successfully engage in online discussions that challenge untruths and misinformed posts. Participants will be able to sign up soon but in the meantime to make sure you don’t miss the application why not send an email to shea@uplift.ie if you are interested in joining.

Uplift is exposing the truth about toxic Glyphosate

The campaign to stop toxic glyphosate being sprayed on our food and drink stepped up this summer. Uplift members paid for a billboard to park outside Agriculture Minister Michael Creed’s office in Macroom and we launched our call for politicians to be tested for glyphosate in their bodies. So far five politicians have agreed — along with chef Darina Allen. The pressure is on to get to ten and once the results are in a press conference will be organised to announce the results.

Uplift member are standing with young people who are growing up in Ireland without the documents they need to move forward in life

Our people-powered community has teamed up with the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland to stand with children and young people growing up in Ireland undocumented. Our open letter calling on Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan to put in place a pathway for these young people to fulfil their potential and dreams has been signed by over 3,000 people. We’ll step up the pressure now that the Dáil is back in action. https://action.uplift.ie/campaigns/open-letter-undocumented-children

Finally here’s a sum-up of other work our community and the Uplift team are up to

Thank you to all Uplift members who made so much happen!


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